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Bouldering and Training

Boulder Mats

Boulder mats or pads have progressed in technology and popularity in the last few years, changing from almost a novelty item to a crag essential. A good mat will protect you, taking the jolt out of landings and evening out rocky or loose ground below you, but will also protect the crag environment. You just have to look at the base of popular boulder problems to see the damage done by hundreds of pairs of feet coming crashing down into the soil. They also help keep your feet and shoes dry, and off the ground is wet (or if you're climbing at Ogmore and the tide is coming in), which makes them equally useful when climbing routes. They're handy for protecting the start of sport routes, too.

Our current range consists of what we see as the best of the market choices for most bouldering situations. We have two highball pads, being the ever reliable DMM Highball, and the beast of a pad that is the OCUN Paddy Dominator. OCUN have been one of the most dominant pad makers in recent years, with their combination of fantastic foam, as well as innovative designs, all wrapped into bomber shells.

The OCUN Paddy Incubator is another of their fantastic designs, with enough breadth to cover the widest problems.

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Alpha Steel Quickdraw

From £11.80 ex. VAT

Alphabet Set

From £66.37 ex. VAT

Beastmaker 1000 Series


Beastmaker the beast - sorry best fingerboards available. Developed by top UK climber and training guru Dan Varian these wooden boards are fully made in the UK from sustainable product and provide ergonomic holds designed to be kind to your skin and avoid injuries.2 x Jugs 2 x 35 Degree Slopers 2 x 20 Degree Slopers 1 x Very Deep 4 Finger Pocket 2 x Deep 4 Finger Pockets 2 x Deep 3 Finger Pockets 2 x Deep 2 Finger Pockets 2 x Medium 4 Finger Pockets 2 x Small 4 Finger Pockets (10mm) 2 x Medium 2 Finger Pockets 2 x Medium 3 Finger Pockets

£70.83 ex. VAT £63.74 ex. VAT

Beastmaker 2000 Series


Become a climbing beast with the Beastmaker 2000, a serious wood fingerboard that has been designed with the input of some of the best climbers in the UK.45 Degree Slopers 35 Degree Slopers 20 Degree Slopers Medium 3 Finger Socket Smaller 3 Finger Socket Mouth Jug Big, Little & Incut Rungs Back 2 Pockets Big, Little & Sloping 2 Finger Pockets Sloping and 1 Pad Monos

£70.83 ex. VAT £63.74 ex. VAT

Bomber Jugs

From £77.71 ex. VAT

Boulder Bag


Large volume fleece lined chalk bag / bucket for bouldering.Roll top closure Brush holders Zippered back pocket Open front pocket

£29.13 ex. VAT £25.84 ex. VAT

Boulder Chalk Bag

From £19.74 ex. VAT

Boulder Chalk Bag


Chalk bag perfect for bouldering and the gym.

£16.67 ex. VAT £14.90 ex. VAT
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