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Travel Gear

When many people travel the first question they ask themselves is: "what could go wrong and what should we take in case this happens?" For these occasions, we have our First Aid and Emergency sections. Included here are first aid kits, dentistry kits, flares, strobes, whistles, and other survival aids. Remember that knowledge or training in how to use many of these products is important so we have added useful info and links to this section. We've also included blister kits for those seemingly minor but trip threatening injuries. There are some items to help your wait for rescue to be more comfortable (and safe!) and keep a casualty as warm as possible, in the form of plastic survival-bivi bags, space blankets, and thermal bags from a variety of manufacturers.

However, remember that prevention is better than the cure! To suit this end our Travel section includes a number of life-improving and comfort-enhancing tips and pieces of equipment.

We stock a comprehensive range of mosquito nets from tent, bed, or head and insect repellents. For some destinations, these will make your travels more comfortable, but for others, for example, malaria-prone areas or Scotland in the midge season, they are absolutely essential.

Both for the UK and overseas, we have a trusty range of Chlorine and Chlorine Dioxide water purification tabs and droplets from Lifesystems, whilst neutralisers help deal with the aftertaste of chemical purification. Our water ceramic and actived carbon water filtration devices come from Katadyn and MSR, and from McNett, we have the Aquamira, a nifty bottle with a filtering top. We also stock some of the SteriPen range, which uses a brilliant (no pun intended!) UV light treatment method.

We have sun screening creams, lip salves, ski goggles and sun glasses from Julbo and Oakley. To keep your personal hygiene up to scratch we also stock personal and clothing biodegradable washes and of course soap. Our staff love Life Venture's Dry Wash for days out on the rock and expeditions too.

Surfers and divers will love the Frostfire Mooncode, which will keep your car keys safe while you're off enjoying the sea. Women who roam the outdoors might like to have a look at the Sheewee or Whiz ranges, for avoiding those embarrassing my-bum-visible-for-miles-around moments, and when camping with snoring gentlemen, don't forget your ear plugs or a pillow to smother him with!

To enable you to travel with confidence we can provide you with a range of body wallets and document pouches and also plenty of protection for your phone and for your expensive camera equipmentStuff sacks and packing bags can also be found here. We've also got a huge pile of other miscellaneous travel help such as DVT socks, hand warmers, worldwide power adapters, solar chargers, universal bath plugs, binoculars, hammocks, and wind-up radios.

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