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Electronics Cases

Take the best care of your camera equipment, for as you know it costs a lot and is generally an extravagant extra in terms of weight! When you get to those exciting places you want to know that your camera kit will work, and the last noise you want to hear your camera make is a nasty crunching sound.

The Joby GorillaPod is by far the best small camera tripod we've ever seen. Its grippy, bendy legs mean stability on uneven surfaces, slopes and even tree branches.

We stock a number of camera and lense protection pouches from Lowe Pro to protect everything from small digital cameras to professional SLR jobs. They are water resistant and even the small pouches provide a good degree of shock cushioning.

We also have a number of awesomely hard wearing solid plastic camera boxes from Peli Products to keep you happy if you are really rough on your gear. Caving film-makers, canoeists and kayakers in particular should take note of this great range of gear. The come in a huge range of sizes to take the tiniest of mobile phones to the bulkiest of expensive electronics. Fully waterproof and air tight!

A lighter range of waterproof cases for cameras comes from Aquapac, who use good, simple designs and materials to keep your camera dry.

If your budget doesn't stretch to top quality cameras and camera protection then you might be well served by the Life Venture range of accessory pouches that can fit cameras inside, but remember the levels of protection will be that bit less. You can find these with a range of other cases and wallets. More cases and bags can be found here.

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1010 Microcase

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1015 Microcase

From £21.74 ex. VAT

1020 Microcase

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1030 Microcase

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1040 Microcase

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1050 Microcase

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1060 Microcase

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1120 Protector Case

From £34.33 ex. VAT