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Whetman Equipment Quick Release Paddle Leash


A paddle leash, designed by Whetman Equipment, for use when sea kayaking. It features quick release connections at both connection points.

£24.95 inc. VAT £22.42 inc. VAT

Kajak Sport Recreational Paddle Leash


The Kajak Sport Recreational Paddle leash, is the perfect addtion to any sit on top kayak. This paddle leash will easily secure to your chosen kayak, it then keeps your paddle safe in the event of a capsize. Kayak Sport have designed this paddle leash to be very simple to use. It features a 1m piece of 4mm elastic. On the one end there is a Velcro secured strap to wrap around the paddle shaft, whilst on the opposite end there is a simple plastic bungee clip that will then secure to the kayak decklines.

£10.00 inc. VAT

Kajak Sport Pro Paddle Leash


The Kayak Sport Pro Paddle Leash, an essential piece of sea kayak safety gear. In the event of capsizing, a kayak paddle leash can make the difference to a successful sea kayak rescue. A kayak paddle leash is a very simple piece of kit; it simply secures your kayak paddle to your chosen kayak. Whilst this may not seem a highly important issue, in the event of a capsize it is. The last thing you want is to get back in your kayak, to find your paddle leash has drifted off. This Kajak Sport paddle leash is very simple; it has a 1m length of 4mm bungee cord. On the one end it has a webbing strap to secure around your paddle shaft, whilst on the opposite end it has a secure deck ball system. This is designed to easily attach to your kayak deck lines.

£10.00 inc. VAT

Tootega Paddle Leash

The Tootega Paddle Leash, a great piece of sit on top kayak safety kit. This is essential for safety on the water. This leash will keep your kayak paddle secured to your kayak; so the paddle wont float away after a capsize, The Tootega paddle leash features a premium design that incorporates a coiled lanyard. The one end of the leash has a rotating swivel which also connects to a Velcro secured strap. This will secure around the paddle. The opposite end also has a swivel design, secured to a rope which connects to the kayak.

From £22.80 inc. VAT

Palm Paddle Leash


The Palm Paddle Leash allows you to safely put your paddle down without losing it if you need to take a rest. Simply attach the leash to the paddle shaft with the Velcro loop and clip the other end to your deck line or slip it over your hand.

£25.00 inc. VAT £22.86 inc. VAT