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Foot loop designed to be used with an ascender to climb a rope

£13.33 ex. VAT £11.66 ex. VAT

Footape Adjustable


Adjustable webbing footloop for SRT, designed for aid climbing, mountaineering and caving but is also suitable for multi-pitch climbing.Weight: 76g Made from reinforced nylon webbing Aluminum DoubleBack adjustment buckle allows quick and easy adjustment Steel ring for clipping into

£15.00 ex. VAT £13.29 ex. VAT



Adjustable cordage foot loop perfect for Working at Height, Ropes Access and industrial useMaterial(s): Dyneema®, aluminum Weight: 40g

£20.00 ex. VAT £17.70 ex. VAT

Gradistep Etrier


The Gradistep is a 5-step etrier which folds into a storage pouch. Designed for aid climbing and multi-pitch climbing the Gradistep is also good for mountaineering.Integrated pouch for tangle-free racking and storage Equipped with a String, which allows the carabiner to be held in the major axis position (the strongest) and protects the carabiner attachment loop from wear.

£32.08 ex. VAT £28.37 ex. VAT



4-step etrier designed for aid climbing and mountaineering but can also be used for multi-pitch climbing and caving. Wide, abrasion resistant nylon webbing makes placing your feet easy.Four steps for compact alternative to a full-sized etrier. Wide stiffened webbing, reinforced to resist abrasion.

£33.75 ex. VAT £29.81 ex. VAT