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30kN Boa HMS Keylock

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Aero-Park IV


A fully adjustable group climbing harness that's ideal for a wide range of people. This centre style climbing harness features a full webbing construction and the adjustment is achieved by the zip lock buckles. General Features -------------------- Single Sized Option Fits a wide range of clients - 17.5"-45" Waists Webbing Construction - 30mm (approx) Ziplock Buckles - On the waist - on both leg loops Colour Coded Leg Loops - Left hand is Red - Right hand is grey (matches the rest of the harness) Free floating Padding - Removable for cleaning - Located on the waist - Located on the leg loops Waist Padding Panel - fitted with Two gear loops - one each side of the waist - fitted with harness ID badge panel Highly positioned tie in point --------------------

£41.66 ex. VAT £36.19 ex. VAT

Aero-Team IV


The Beal Aero-Team is a basic group climbing harness that comes in a single size. It's highly adjustable and is very easy to use. The main harness is constructed from tough and durable webbing which is about 26mm in width. Both the waist buckle and also the leg buckles are designed around the thread lock system which you simply pull to tension. The leg loops and waist belt also feature a floating set of padding; this gives added levels of comfort. Also located in the waist belt are two gear loops, one of each side of the torso. General Features -------------------- Single Size Fits a wide range of users - 17.5" to 45" Waists 30mm ish webbing construction Zip Lock Buckles - Waist - Legs Floating Pads for comfort - Located on the waist - Located on the leg loops High positioned tie in point Two Gear Loops - One on each side of the torso --------------------

£34.99 ex. VAT £30.46 ex. VAT

Air Force 8


Lightweight Aluminium descender for climbing and abseiling.

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Air Top


£39.99 ex. VAT £34.85 ex. VAT

Anka Descender


The superior heat dissipation and kink reduction of this device makes it the one for long and repetitive descents. The wings stop the ropes from locking up, a problem inherent in abseiling instruction.

£23.33 ex. VAT £20.67 ex. VAT

Apollo II 11mm

From £2.44 ex. VAT

Black Shrink Wrap 9mm - 4.5mm per metre


This shrink wrap is designed for cord/rope of between 4mm and 9mm diameters. It only comes in black.

£2.50 ex. VAT £1.49 ex. VAT