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Axis E

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Fiesta Recycled


The Islander Fiesta is an entry-level recreational kayak that is ideal for exploring inland waterways. It features a large easy access cockpit which then has a moulded in seat. The seat incorporates a pad which offers comfort to the paddler, further comfort and support is then achieved with the addition of a kayak backrest and also the adjustable pedal footrests.General Features -------------------- Large Easy Access Cockpit Padded Seat Padded Backrest Bow Deck Lines Stern Deck Lines Adjustable Pedal Footrests -------------------- Boat Length - 279cm Boat Width - 70cm Carrying Capacity - 130Kg Boat Weight - 16Kg Cockpit Size - 93 x 53cm -------------------- Spraydeck Sizes Palm - Nylon - N5 Playboater - Neoprene - Bigdeck Cove - Neoprene - Bigdeck Peak UK - Neoprene - Bigdeck Peak UK - Nylon - Bigdeck --------------------

£390.83 ex. VAT £366.12 ex. VAT

Flex Fit 4

From £618.62 ex. VAT

Fusion Duo Stout 2

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Fusion II Stout

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Grab Handles


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Katana Action

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Keepers Footrest


The Palm Keepers Foot Brace is one of the most popular footrests that are found in kayaks today. They are fully constructed from plastic so there is no danger from corrosion and on the rear of the main pedal there is a small trigger than controls the adjustment. Pack Includes:- 2 x Tracks. 2 x Pedals. 4 x Screws. 4 x Washers.

£20.83 ex. VAT £18.76 ex. VAT

Keepers Pedal


Palm's Keepers Pedal is just that - a spare Pedal for a Keepers Foot Brace.Single Pedal for a Keepers Foot Rest

£7.08 ex. VAT £6.09 ex. VAT

Kinetic Tour Foundation

From £79.58 ex. VAT

Luggage Handle


£4.99 ex. VAT £4.45 ex. VAT

Oval Domed Hatch Cover


The Dagger Domed hatch cover is oval in shape and will fit a number of different kayaks. It features an internal foam gasket to give the best seal possible. This kayak hatch cover features a dual plastic rubber construction which gives great levels of performance. The underside of the hatch also incorporates a moulded in anchor point to enable you to secure it to your kayak. General Features -------------------- Rubber / Plastic Construction Rubber Edge for improved seal Plastic Centre for increased stiffness Anchoring eye for prevention of loss -------------------- Dimensions -------------------- 17" Long 12" Wide -------------------- What Kayaks do they fit... -------------------- Dagger Blackwater 10.5 Dagger Axis E 10.5 Dagger Katana 10.4 Dagger Katana 9.7 Dagger Charleston 14 (rear hatch) Dagger Charleston 15 (rear hatch) Islander Kayaks Strike Islander Kayaks Jive 10.5 Islander Kayaks Bolero 14 (rear hatch) Islander Kayaks Bolero 15 (rear hatch) --------------------

£37.50 ex. VAT £33.77 ex. VAT

Paddle the Thames


£19.99 ex. VAT £18.18 ex. VAT