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Repairs and Servicing

It's surprisingly easy to damage even the most robust of clothing, what with scraping yourself around in gabbro chimneys, walking past barbed wire fences and crossing stiles even the best gear can catch. Climbers often like to have bits of gaffer tape holding their clothes together and Alpinists enjoy their evenings of darning the rest of us want the next best thing to brand new bits of kit. So for patching GoreTex clothing McNett provide us with handy GoreTex patches, and we have a set of nylon repair patches from Coghlans.

Other helpful products for glueing and sealing can be found in the Canoeing Repairs, and for emergencies (when your down jacket fill is floating away in the wind and your clumsy ice-axe wielding mate is grinning in a guilty fashion, for example), you can't beat McNett Tenacious Tape.

If your wounded clothing needs a bit more of a professional job, we can help arrange that or point you in the right direction to get it done properly- call in or drop us a line!

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McNett Aquasure + Neo Black Witch


£10.00 inc. VAT £9.04 inc. VAT

Stormsure Stormsure

From £6.36 inc. VAT

Stormsure Zip Lubricating Oil


Stormsure Zip Oil is a silicon based fluid that is formulated to keep the zips of your drysuit running smoothly and without leaks.

£5.50 inc. VAT £4.98 inc. VAT

YKK YKK Zip Lube


YKK Zip Lube is a lubricant for YKK zips fitted to drysuits. It's also suitable for other brands of zip.

£2.50 inc. VAT £2.18 inc. VAT