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This section contains specialist items of rigging equipment needed for complex hauling systems such as are required for raising stretchers in cliff rescues.

Rigging plates like the Petzl Paws are a neat way of tidying up and simplifying complex rigs, thereby increasing safety. They consist of a large metal plate with tie in points for ropes from anchors along the top and for other attachments along the bottom.

To use a stretcher haul as an illustration, let's assume that there's one haul line and one safety line krabbed into the top of the rigging plate. To the bottom of the plate may be four attachments to the stretcher, one to each corner, and any lanyard attachments to stretcher tenders.

We also have Swivels and other rigging bits and pieces from Petzl, Wire Strops from Lyon, and the very handy Industrial Betastick. This device allows you to a karabiner remotely, from a distance of up to 4.5m or 15ft in a manner similar to the more basic sport climber's clip stick. There are more strops in the Lanyards section.

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Beal Air Sit


Stable and comfortable suspended work seat for rope access, industrial use and work at height. Is a triangulation and lateral attachment point.Weight: 1365g

£133.99 inc. VAT £116.34 inc. VAT

Beal Air-Port 4


Small 4 hole rigging plate

£29.99 inc. VAT £26.09 inc. VAT

Beal Air-Port 8


8 hole rigging plate

£46.99 inc. VAT £40.86 inc. VAT

Beal Twist'Air B


£43.99 inc. VAT £38.05 inc. VAT

DMM Bat Rigging Plate

From £24.36 inc. VAT

DMM Edge Hog


The Edgehog greatly improves rope protection against sharp edges when ropes are fed through gratings.

£100.00 inc. VAT £88.56 inc. VAT

DMM Impact Blocks

From £221.40 inc. VAT

DMM Rigging Hub

From £97.42 inc. VAT

Edelrid Maggi Rig


140g steel rigging plate with redundancy built in.Load capacity [Kn]: 70 Weight: 140 g Dimensions: 60 x 60 x 10 mm Material: stainless steel

£55.00 inc. VAT £48.19 inc. VAT

Lyon Big Fat Bag


£67.50 inc. VAT £60.34 inc. VAT

Lyon Essentials Bag

From £38.06 inc. VAT

Lyon Fat Bag

From £53.63 inc. VAT

Lyon Industrial Access Bag

From £76.02 inc. VAT

Lyon Kit Bag - Belt Loop

From £40.63 inc. VAT

Lyon Kit Bag - Cordura


£52.00 inc. VAT £46.48 inc. VAT

Lyon Rope Sack

From £46.74 inc. VAT