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This section contains specialist items of rigging equipment needed for complex hauling systems such as are required for raising stretchers in cliff rescues.

Rigging plates like the Petzl Paws are a neat way of tidying up and simplifying complex rigs, thereby increasing safety. They consist of a large metal plate with tie in points for ropes from anchors along the top and for other attachments along the bottom.

To use a stretcher haul as an illustration, let's assume that there's one haul line and one safety line krabbed into the top of the rigging plate. To the bottom of the plate may be four attachments to the stretcher, one to each corner, and any lanyard attachments to stretcher tenders.

We also have Swivels and other rigging bits and pieces from Petzl, Wire Strops from Lyon, and the very handy Industrial Betastick. This device allows you to a karabiner remotely, from a distance of up to 4.5m or 15ft in a manner similar to the more basic sport climber's clip stick. There are more strops in the Lanyards section.

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Beal Air Sit


The Beal Air Sit suspension seat is very stable thanks to the lateral triangulation of its two anchor points. Its comfort is reinforced by a durable, aerated foam. These characteristics make it ideally suited to working at height.

£137.99 inc. VAT £127.20 inc. VAT

Beal Air-Port 4


The Beale Airport 4 Docking Point Multiplier can accommodate up to four carabiners simultaneously. It has 20mm holes for easy turning, especially for those with a locking barrels. To ensure their traceability, each multiplier has a unique identification number. "

£29.99 inc. VAT £27.67 inc. VAT

Beal Air-Port 8


The Beal Air-Port 8 Docking Point Multiplier can accommodate up to eight carabiners simultaneously. It has 20mm holes for easy turning, especially for those with a locking barrels. To ensure their traceability, each multiplier has a unique identification number.

£47.99 inc. VAT £44.05 inc. VAT

Beal Twist'Air B


The Beal Twist'Air B Pulley is a Compact aluminium swivel with ball bearings to optimise performance even when loaded. It has a ball bearing for efficient operation even under load and has an individual number which guarantees its traceability.

£43.99 inc. VAT £40.48 inc. VAT

DMM Bat Rigging Plate

The DMM Bat Rigging Plates are light, strong and versatile thanks to precision machining and heat treated alloy material. Height loss is minimised by the use of the Bat shape for complex rigging situations. With an oversized centre hole the plate is easily centralised when connected.

From £25.25 inc. VAT

DMM Edge Hog


Designed for use in rope access, the DMM Edgehog fits through deck grating (commonly known as Kennedy Grating) which is found in many industrial situations such as oil rigs, chemical plants and refineries.

£100.00 inc. VAT £91.79 inc. VAT

DMM Impact Blocks

The DMM Impact Blocks are designed to be used in industries where loads may be dropped onto rigging with considerable impact forces. The combination of high quality materials and advanced production processes ensures a rope friendly, durable and robust block that looks great and performs even better.

From £229.49 inc. VAT

DMM Rigging Hub

The DMM Rigging Hub is a complex 3D rigging focused onto a single anchor. The DMM rigging hub can be used to form a super strong centralised anchor point for use in treework, rope access and rescue.

From £105.56 inc. VAT

Edelrid Maggi Rig


The Maggi is a rigging plate with a built in redundancy. Two plates are rivetted together in the middle ensuring immediate backup should one fail, ideal for scenarios relating to fire fighting and rescue operations. The holes are 20mm in diameter, and smootheed of around the edges to prevent damage to textile PPE.

£55.00 inc. VAT £48.19 inc. VAT

Lyon Big Fat Bag


The Big Fat Bag is a heavy duty beast of a bag, Handmade using tough PVC material and reinforced around its base it is a taller version of the Fat Bag, able to carry 120 metres of rope securely within its 32 litre body.

£67.50 inc. VAT £60.34 inc. VAT

Lyon Essentials Bag

The Lyon Essentials Bag is a waterproof bag that can contain personal kit and hardware, plus rope. These bags are suitable for a range of tasks on the worksite and comes in various sizes.

From £38.06 inc. VAT

Lyon Fat Bag

The Fat Bag is a shorter, rounder bag that is easier to fill than a traditional cylindrical design. It is ideal for transporting bulkier items, Daren Drums or older, stiffer ropes that do not pack so neatly.

From £53.63 inc. VAT

Lyon Industrial Access Bag

The Lyon Industrial Access Bag is one or the larger bags in their range, with a 55l capacity that can hold well over 200 metres of 11mm rope. It has a rectangular shape that makes for efficient packing and also allows the bag to stand freely to maintain an open top for easier filling.

From £76.02 inc. VAT

Lyon Kit Bag - Belt Loop

The Lyon Kit Bags is harness mounted bag that enables high volume / low weight items to be carried close to hand. This tall, cylindrical shaped bag attaches using two webbing straps that pass around the harness belt and are secured in pre-fitted buckles.

From £40.63 inc. VAT

Lyon Kit Bag - Cordura


Durable 13 Litre Cordura Kit Bag with 2 adjustable belt straps, 2 plastic haul loops (these can also be used to connect tool lanyards to) and a drawcord closure. Ideal for use in rope access as a tool bag (big enough and deep enough for most tools).

£52.00 inc. VAT £46.48 inc. VAT

Petzl Airline Throw-line

The Airline Throw-line has elements of flexibility and stiffness to allow for both a precise throw and to avoid knot formation. The Dyneema sheath offers abrasion resistance, and due to the sheath-core bond there is good rope glide through trees. The light weight of the throw-line means a heavy throw bag is not required, and the bright yellow offers great visibility.

From £44.17 inc. VAT
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