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Rope Care

This page hosts Lyon Rope Protectors and Fujikura Shrink Tube, but there are a number of other rope protection items available in the catalogue.

In the Climbing Rope Care section you will find rope wash, marking fluid and brushes, hot knives for cutting, and a variety of rope buckets and bags. Heavier duty ropebags and sacks can be found on the Caving page under Kitbags and Sacks.

Rollers and other devices to ease the strain on ropes can be found with Rigging Gear.

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Abtech Safety Ribbed Rope Protector


Large Canvas Rope Protector. For use when running ropes over edges. Plastic inserts add rigidity. Designed to protect your working rope from any abrasions when hanging over an edge, this Canvas Rope Edge Protector can prolong the life of your safety gear.

£82.99 inc. VAT £76.34 inc. VAT

DMM K-Pro Rope Protector

The DMM K-Pro Rope Protector is a great addition to your stash of gear to prolong and protect ropes over abrasive or sharp edges.

From £24.78 inc. VAT

DMM ProPad+ Edge Mat


The ProPad+ is a heavy duty rope protector that is suited to the demands of the outdoor activity industry. Thick natural fibre matting protects ropes against sharp edges typically found at the top of crags, railway bridges, and other sites suitable for abseiling and top-roping. A replaceable wear pad increases the ProPad+’s longevity, and helps it withstand the heavy use of large group sessions.

£64.99 inc. VAT £59.66 inc. VAT

Heightec Cascade Edge Protector


The Heightec Cascade Edge Protector is ideal for multiple ropes and square edges. Made with durable stainless steel construction, which helps to provide corrosion resistance, while users are working in adverse weather conditions.

£71.64 inc. VAT £63.76 inc. VAT

Lyon Canvas Connectable Edge Sheet


The Lyon Canvas Connectable Edge Sheet provides limited protection for fixed ropes from abrasion. It may also assist in containing loose, lightweight materials which may be dislodged during technical rope work in the natural environment.

£83.00 inc. VAT £74.18 inc. VAT

Lyon Canvas Edge Sheet


The Lyon Canvas Edge Sheet is a large fabric panel that provides limited protection for fixed ropes from abrasion. Commonly used in rope rescue operations it may be deployed as an open sheet laid and secured to an irregular surface.

£34.50 inc. VAT £30.84 inc. VAT

Lyon Emergency Rope Cutter


You hope you will never need it, but if you do you will be glad that you have this one! Simply pull the cutter from its pouch, wrap it around the textile to be cut and pull it in a sawing action.

£17.00 inc. VAT £15.19 inc. VAT

Lyon Rope Protector Canvas

The Lyon Rope Protector is designed for situations where a localised area of rope protection from limited abrasion is required. It can also be used as a barbed wire protector for getting yourself or your dog safely over sections of barbed wire. Ideal for hill walking in the Republic of Ireland where styles and paths are notably lacking.

From £15.19 inc. VAT

Petzl Protec


The Petzl Protec is a flexible protector is designed to protect a fixed rope from abrasion when working at height or during rescue. Easy to install and durable, it’s made for regular to intensive use. Protec fits most rope diameters used by professionals, as well as anchor straps.

£13.16 inc. VAT £11.68 inc. VAT

Petzl Roller Coaster


The Roller Coaster protector is designed to help protect a moving rope from abrasion. Reversible, with different frame shapes on either side that allow it to adapt to flat or angled surfaces. Multiple connection holes allow the use of different attachment methods. It’s possible to connect multiple modules to better adapt to different types of terrain.

£120.00 inc. VAT £106.43 inc. VAT

PMI MC Rope Tracker


The SMC Rope Tracker is engineered to secure, capture, protect and manage multiple ropes when negotiating difficult edge transitions. The SMC Rope Tracker is manufactured from a high quality durable abrasion resistant thermoplastic blend to minimize weight and maximize strength.

£96.50 inc. VAT £86.24 inc. VAT

Spiroll Rope Protector

Spiroll Rope Protectors employ a unique patent pending technology whereby the device’s rugged polyurethane material wraps snugly around a rope several times to secure itself in place. Spiroll Rope Protectors are easily placed anywhere on a rope and then positioned into the desired location.

From £13.34 inc. VAT

Warmbac Rope Protector

From £7.56 inc. VAT
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