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DMM Wire Lanyard iD

The DMM Wire Lanyard iD us a wire strop that forms the back bone of most ‘short-term’ temporary anchor systems. Made from swaged 6mm galvanised steel wire with thimbles to minimise potential of over-tight rope radius damage.

From £18.36 inc. VAT

Lyon Anchor Strop

The Lyon Anchor Strop is a 7mm galvanised steel cable with plastic protective sleeve and eyelet ends. WLL 500kg, conforms to EN795B.

From £12.96 inc. VAT

Petzl Treesbee False Crotch


These are essential to minimise damage to the tree when rigging. The 7cm steel ring at one end and 8mm Maillon at the other enable this to be pulled down remotely.

£66.00 inc. VAT £58.54 inc. VAT
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