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Our range of towlines is supplied by Palm, Nookie and Valley. The Nookie waist towline is ideal for flat river paddling, While Palm offer two options for use on rivers, the Palm River Towline is a basic entry level line that is ideal for flat water, while the Palm River Pro is more suited towards white water paddling as it has a stronger karabinah. The Palm range is then completed by their Ocean Towline with a length of 10m makes it ideal for Sea Kayaking. Valley also provide several towlines for sea kayaking and they come in either waist mounted or a deck mounted style.
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HF Equipment Plan Sea


The HF Plan Sea, a highly versatile 15m sea kayak tow line. This sea kayak tow rope has a quick release waist belt and also a large opening and quick draining storage pouch. The rope itself is a 5mm diameter so its lighweight, however it is still has good levels of strength. The rope also features a built it shock absorber for comfort. On the end that connects to the kayak to be towed, there is a good sizes easy to handle wire gate karabiner. Adjacent to this there is also a small float for added performance. e 5mm rope is has a high strength and it also features a float to give it added support in the water. The rope is easily connected to the kayak to be towed vuia easy to handle wire gate karabiner. The rope General Features -------------------- Rope Pouch - Large Opening for easy packing - Quick Draining for best performance - Velcro Secured Waist Belt - 50mm webbing for comfort - Quick Release for maximum safety - Fully Adjustable for Size - Built in Stainless Steel D Ring Tow Rope - 15m in Length - 5mm Diamter - 390 daN Braking Strength Built in Shock Absorber --------------------

£100.00 inc. VAT £91.86 inc. VAT

HF Equipment Throw Tow


The HF Throw Tow is a combination piece of sea kayaking safety equipment. This was designed to work as a sea kayaking towline, while also doubling up as a safety throw line. When used as a towline it is easily waist mounted and the waist belt features a quick release system. The main line is 15m long and this is made from a 7.5mm diameter rope. The rope is then stored in a durable bag which has a large opening so it’s easy to repack. The base of the bag has a strong plastic sea dog karabiner to attach to the waist belt while on the rope end there is an alloy karabiner.General Features -------------------- Cordura Bag - Cordura Construction for Durability 15m of 7.5mm Rope - Alloy Karabiner attached to the end of the rope Wide Opening neck for easy repacking Waist Mounted Belt System - Featuring a quick release for emergency --------------------

£109.99 inc. VAT £101.05 inc. VAT

Peak UK 15m Towline


The Peak UK 15m towline is a highly recommended piece of sea kayaking safety equipment. It can be either worn around the waist or it can be mounted on the deck of the kayak (using included velcro) and features a 15m length of 7mm floating poly prop rope, secured in a zippered cordura case which includes a mesh base for easy drainage.

£69.00 inc. VAT £63.16 inc. VAT

Peak UK 5m Towline


Design for inland use, allows tired paddlers to be helped or kit collected.Waist mounted ripstop Cordura bum bag with rubber mesh quick draining base and reflective stripe 6 mm floating Polypropylene rope with clip / float Elasticated shock cord dampener to make towing smooth and comfy All fittings are made from marine grade 316 Stainless Steel including waist anchor D ring, rope length clip and boat clip.

£50.00 inc. VAT £45.77 inc. VAT

Peak UK iTow


General Features --------------------

£25.00 inc. VAT £22.88 inc. VAT

Valley Deck Towline


The ultimate deck mounted towline system. Stainless steel fittings, 15m of 8mm line with a heavy duty shock absorbing system. Mounts neatly on the back deck of your kayak when fitted.

£76.00 inc. VAT £69.12 inc. VAT

Valley Towline Fit Kit


Valley Towline Fit Kit

£31.99 inc. VAT £30.04 inc. VAT

Whetman Equipment Limpet 14m Sea Reach


£39.95 inc. VAT £35.05 inc. VAT

Whetman Equipment Sea Contact Tow MKII


The Whetman Equipment Sea Contact Tow MKII Line. A versatile sea kayak towline system that comes with the unique custom made Whetman Kraken. This kayak towline is ideal when you only need short lengths for use in emergency and close proximity situations. There is a karabiner on each end of the system and it features a stainless quick release in the centre if you need to detach yourself. The unit is also made in two colour's so it’s easy to identify which part / end you are using. Check out the video for further info on the Whetman Equipment Sea Contact Line!

£44.95 inc. VAT £40.02 inc. VAT