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Palm Kayak Heavy Weight Float Bag

The Palm Kayak Heavy Weight Float Bag, a range of kayak airbags that are available in four different sizes. There is a 15L, 20L 25L and 30L. These kayak airbags are sold as single units. Whether you are a beginner to kayaking or an experienced whitewater kayaker, adding a kayak airbag to your boat will always protect it in the event of a capsize. These kayak float bags feature a nylon construction with welded seams. They then have a good length inflation tube with a twist valve. The twist vale makes for very easy inflating.

From £17.38 inc. VAT

Palm Kayak Mid Weight Float Bag

The Palm Kayak Mid Weight Float Bag, an entry level kayak airbag that’s available in 3 different sizes. These kayak float bags come in sizes of 15L, 20L and 60L and are sold as single bags. The mid weight float bag is the perfect addition for any kayak, but they are more suited towards recreational kayaks. These kayak airbags feature a PVC construction which incorporates high frequency welded seams. There is also an eyelet at the top of the bag, this is ideal for securing the bag into your kayak. The kayak float bag is easy to inflate due to a long tube; this is then sealed with a push stopper.

From £15.54 inc. VAT

Peak UK Kayak Airbag (Bow)


The Peak UK Kayak Airbag Bow is perfect for filling that void behind the bulkhead footrest of your whitewater kayak. Adding as many airbags to a kayak will always make it easier to rescue in the event of a capsize. It will also probably make the difference between the kayak arriving back with you in one piece.

£20.00 inc. VAT £18.31 inc. VAT

Peak UK Kayak Airbags (Split Stern)


The Peak UK Split Stern is a set of kayak airbags, they are an essential piece of kayak safety kit as trying to rescue a water logged boat can be very hard in a swollen river. These are ideal for white water kayaking and also suitable for flat water kayaking.

£39.00 inc. VAT £35.70 inc. VAT

Watershed Futa Stowfloat

From £141.56 inc. VAT

Watershed Salmon Stowfloat

From £141.56 inc. VAT
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