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Palm Kayak Heavy Weight Float Bag

The Palm Kayak Heavy Weight Float Bags come in four different sizes, a 15L, 20L 25L and 30L. These airbags are sold as single units. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced whitewater kayaker, adding an airbag to your boat will always protect it in the event of a capsize. These float bags feature a nylon construction with welded seams. They then have a good length inflation tube with a twist valve that makes for very easy inflating.

From £15.48 ex. VAT

Palm Kayak Mid Weight Float Bag

The Palm Kayak Mid Weight Float Bag is an entry-level kayak airbag available in three sizes: 15L, 20L, and 60L. While suitable for various kayaks, they are especially ideal for recreational ones. These airbags are made of PVC with high-frequency welded seams. Each bag has an eyelet at the top for securing it inside your kayak. Inflation is made easy with a long tube and a push stopper seal.

From £13.27 ex. VAT

Peak PS Kayak Airbag (Bow)


The Peak PS Kayak Airbag for the bow is a highly durable airbag made from welded PVC nylon, designed to fit most contemporary kayaks with or without centre buoyancy. It is straightforward to install and inflate, equipped with an extended inflation hose, and it features twin eyelets for secure fastening. These airbags are available for purchase individually.

£20.83 ex. VAT £18.49 ex. VAT

Peak PS Kayak Airbags (Split Stern)

The Peak PS Kayak Airbags (Split Stern) is a set of kayak airbags that help to protect your kayaks against sinking in the event of a capsize. These kayak airbags are an essential piece of kayak safety kit as trying to rescue a water logged boat can be very hard and dangerous in a swollen river. These are ideal for white water kayaks, they are also great for use in flat water kayaking.

From £29.58 ex. VAT

Watershed Futa Stowfloat

The Watershed Futa Stowfloat combines storage and flotation, ensuring ease of rescue in case of a swim and providing a dry gear compartment for paddlers. It is versatile, fitting various boat sizes, and includes a long inflate/deflate tube for convenient buoyancy adjustments.

From £122.10 ex. VAT

Watershed Salmon Stowfloat

The Watershed Salmon Stowfloat is a handy float bag that provides kayakers with the ease of rescue if they swim, plus the added benefit of having a place to keep your dry gear. The Salmon is made to fit in a wide range of boats.

From £122.10 ex. VAT