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Endless River Lash Kit


The Endless River Lash Kit is a great way of securing your airbags or solid foam wedges into your open canoe. There are five variations of the canoe lashing kit available depending on what combination of airbags you are using. They all come with a selection of rope, p clips, rivets and also a good set of instructions of how to fit them.

£25.00 inc. VAT £23.09 inc. VAT

Palm 3D Canoe Float Bag

From £51.22 inc. VAT

Peak UK Canoe Airbags


The Peak UK Canoe Airbags are idea for the majority of Canadian Canoes. Canoe airbags are well worth adding to a boat, as in the event of a capsize it makes them easy to rescue and recover. The Peak UK Canoe Airbags are made from a tough and durable PVC coated Nylon. The seams are all welded to prevent leakage and the wedge shape of the bag is designed to fit into the Bow and Stern of your open canoe.

£60.00 inc. VAT £54.92 inc. VAT

Ruk Sport Canoe Buoyancy Blocks


The RUK Sport Canoe Buoyancy blocks come supplied as a pair. These canoe buoyancy blocks are a great alternative to the conventional canoe airbags as they don’t and won’t puncture.

£100.00 inc. VAT £88.99 inc. VAT

Ruk Sport Double Air Bag Fitting Kit


The RUK Sport double airbag fitting kit is possibly the easiest and simplest way to start outfitting a canoe. The subject of lacing canoe airbags will always change a bit depending on who you ask. However this is a very easy way to get going. You can then customise it along the way.

£22.99 inc. VAT £20.46 inc. VAT

Venture Bow and Stern Canoe Buoyancy Wedges


£145.50 inc. VAT £136.61 inc. VAT
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