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Body Armour

Planning some hardcore paddling on big scary water? Body armour can protect your lovely kit from tearing as well as your bones from breaking!

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Sweet Bearsuit Elbow Guards

From £34.50 inc. VAT

Sweet Bearsuit Elbow Pads


The Sweet Bearsuit Elbow pads come in several different sizes. They're also designed to suit the right and left hand arms. The pads are clearly labelled to make sure you get them the correct way round. The main impact area of the pad is made from SAS-TEC SC-1, which really does help to dissipate the impact. This is then encased in am mixture of neoprene and Lycra. Above and below the main pads there are Velcro adjustable straps and these are mounted on super grippy Yamamoto Neoprene to prevent the pads from moving around. General Features -------------------- SAS-TEC SC-1 Cone Pads Neoprene / Lycra Construction Velcro Adjustment Straps Available in 4 Sizes Left and Right hand arms specific

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