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Highlander Wire Steel Peg

The Highlander Wire Steel Peg are strong and durable wire pegs with hook ends.

From £0.23 ex. VAT

Multimat Discovery 10 XL

The Multimat Discovery 10 XL is a premium sleeping mat constructed from high quality cross-linked polyolefin foam. This provides reduced compression, a soft feel and greater tear resistance. This mat is perfect for year-round use as well as being great value for money.

From £16.57 ex. VAT

Solo Stove Solo Stove


The Solo Stove is a great lightweight bushcraft stove, that comes with its ownn storage bag. This wood burning camping stove is a small compact package and comprises two different parts. The base unit which holds the fire and then the upper level which is the pot support. The lower section featrues double wall and also a mesh grid to support the fire. This enhances airflow for a better fire. The upper part suports the pot, its also sized perfectly to fit onto the lower section. This bushcraft stove is easily fueled by sticks and twigs you find on the floor.

£75.00 ex. VAT

Soto Pocket Blow Torch


The Soto Pocket Blow Torch enables you to turn your disposable lighter into a strong, wind-resistant burner! The Pocket Torch uses fuel that can be purchased from most grocery stores, or at your local outdoor store (along with a fill adapter). A disposable lighter increases its lifespan by 60% when used with SOTO's Pocket Torch.

£15.00 ex. VAT £12.94 ex. VAT

Ticket To The Moon Honey Moon Hammock

The Ticket To The Moon Honey Moon Hammock is a spacious king sized hammock that offers all the space one can desire to get re-energised. Using a durable premium fabric, these are slightly thicker and less bouncy than regular hammocks.

From £120.70 ex. VAT

Ticket To The Moon Kingsize Hammock in Express Bag

The Ticket To The Moon Kingsize Hammock in Express Bag comfortably fits multiple people lying "Mexican style". Made of a lightweight, breathable material, can easily be hung and taken down. Can be put in the washing machine at a low temperature, but not tumble dried. This King size hammock in Express Bag from Ticket to the Moon is a fun edition to anyone's pack. The design comfortably fits multiple people It can easily be hung around any post or tree using the adjustable hanging kit which connects to the pre-attached stainless steel ‘S’ hooks.

From £51.08 ex. VAT