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Black Diamond Sprinter 500 Headlamp

The new Sprinter 500 is purpose-built to handle everything from early morning urban runs to all night mountain running adventures. Ultra-thin and well balanced, the Sprinter 500 now features nearly twice the lumen output of previous versions, emitting 500 lumens on the light’s brightest setting.

From £68.95 inc. VAT

Cocoon Ultra Lite Air Core Hood Camp Pillow

A super small, super soft but also insulated and supportive inflatable pillow designed to fit any hooded sleeping bag or hammock.

From £22.75 inc. VAT

Crux X1 Assault

The Crux X1 Assault takes the 3 pole design of the X1 Strike mountain tent but adds an external porch for storage, cooking and thus increased comfort. The tent has a relatively small footprint so that it will pitch in small spaces between boulders but the addition of the porch means that although the body of the tent is fully self-supporting the porch will need pegging out making it less friendly for use on snow.

From £583.06 inc. VAT

Crux X1 Footprint


The X1 footprint fits under all Crux X1 tents. Perfect for if you use your tent a lot and want to increase its durability, or if your current footprint is damaged. Great for rocky ground or glacial moraine.

£40.00 inc. VAT £35.96 inc. VAT

Crux X1 Raid

The Crux X1 Raid is a simple, light, yet bomber 2-pole mountain tent in the tried and tested design of a Bibler style bivvy-tent. So we know the design works for serious high mountain use but what sets the Crux X1 apart from its competitors?

From £448.20 inc. VAT

Crux X1 Strike

The Crux X1 Strike takes the design of the X1 Raid but adds an extra pole that adds slightly more rigidity to the tent but most importantly provides more space and headroom at the front of the tent and more protection from the elements when you open the door thus increasing your comfort for longer trips. This is all done without increasing the tents footprint so that it still pitches easily in small spaces between boulders and is totally self-supporting for firm pitches on snow.

From £516.53 inc. VAT

Crux X2 Bomb


The Crux's X2 Bomb is an incredible tent, with an amazingly robust 50denier flysheet, it can withstand phenomenally harsh stormy weather and for its size the X2 Bomb is relatively light. It also has a spacious porch, providing adequate storing space, whilst giving more freedom of movement and comfort.

£749.00 inc. VAT £666.22 inc. VAT

Crux X2 Bomb Footprint


The Crux X2 Bomb Groundsheet is made up of two parts: a footprint that fits under the inner tent, plus a groundsheet for the porch. The two sections can be used separately or joined by means of a Velcro strip to form a single piece.

£50.00 inc. VAT £44.95 inc. VAT

Edelrid Bodhi


The Edelrid Bodhi is a small and compact lantern with a powerful and long lasting rechargeable battery which takes only 3 hours to fully charge. It has an integrated stand that is easily adjustable to have the light at any angle desirable. It is also magnetic, allowing it to attach to cars or any metal object.

£50.00 inc. VAT £44.02 inc. VAT

Exped Air Pillow


Who doesn't hate traveling on a plane or train, trying to go to sleep and ending up contorting your body into weird and wonderful positions? We do! That's why we have stocked this amazing ultra-light, super comfortable, lightweight and anatomically shaped air pillow. It packs down small so is perfect for traveling, and wherever you are you can inflate it (1 valve for inflation and deflation), rest your head and get a good nights sleep! Ideal!

£26.50 inc. VAT £23.09 inc. VAT

Exped Pillow Pumpbag


The Exped Pillow Pumpbag is a pillow and pad pump in one. It's quick and easy to inflate by either hand or foot, when you've finished pumping simply close the valves and rest your head!

£32.50 inc. VAT £29.83 inc. VAT

Exped Schnozzel - Pumptube


If your sleeping mat has a purge valve you can attach this clever device to the valve and it will help inflate you mat. Ideal if you want a quick set up when camping, or if you are a large group and want to share one pump to save pack weight. Press or kneel lightly and the mat will inflate in one go and with so little effort it‘s barely noticeable.

£12.00 inc. VAT £10.45 inc. VAT

Exped Schnozzel Pumpbag UL

The Schnozzel Pumpbag ensures quick, hygienic, moisture-free inflation of Exped mats, preventing mold development and maximizing insulation (because wet insulation is less effective). It also serves as a waterproof compression drybag to keep your sleeping bag and clothing dry.

From £25.24 inc. VAT

Exped Schnozzel Pumpbag


The Exped Schnozzel Pumpbag is a robust pump bag for quick, moisture-free inflation of EXPED mats. In addition to its function as a pump bag, the Schnozzel Pumpbag can also be used as a waterproof compression pack sack for clothes or sleeping bags.

£31.00 inc. VAT £28.45 inc. VAT

Exped SynMat 7

The award winning SynMat 7 is Exped's "reference standard" mat. The best end use would be car camping in deep winter where the main focus is having a comfortable nights sleep. The mat has synthetic insulation inside which is cleverly bonded to the top and bottom of the chambers for maximum loft. This means it is more than warm enough for winter, with a recommended lowest temperature rating of -17 degrees. The Synmat 7 is very durable and fairly compact although there are lighter mats on the market for self-sufficient hiking.

From £117.61 inc. VAT

Exped Ultra Pillow


The Exped Ultra Pillow is an ultra-light and ultra-compact pillow for any adventure where weight, small pack size and comfort are important.

£27.00 inc. VAT £25.02 inc. VAT
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