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The traditional descender is the Figure of 8. Most modern belay devices allow abseiling as well, but it must be remembered that a figure of eight will dissipate heat quicker than duel purpose devices. They will therefore last longer and reduce the effective wear upon the rope. For long abseils, a fig 8 or Petzl Huit is a much better choice.  The Huit is designed to reduce twisting, and is kinder to the rope.  You can find prussik cord for backing up your abseil here.

Centres may wish to consider the DMM Anka, which has wings to stop the rope-locking that can occur with many other descenders. More elaborate descenders like the Petzl I'd, Rig and Stop,  can be found in the Professional section of the website.

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Beal Air Force 8


Lightweight Aluminium descender for climbing and abseiling.

£12.49 ex. VAT £10.96 ex. VAT

DMM Anka Descender


The superior heat dissipation and kink reduction of this device makes it the one for long and repetitive descents. The wings stop the ropes from locking up, a problem inherent in abseiling instruction.

£23.33 ex. VAT £20.67 ex. VAT

DMM Figure 8


This Figure 8 has the advantage of a wide karabiner hole that will accept two krabs, making it good for rescue purposes as well as abseiling.

£13.33 ex. VAT £11.80 ex. VAT

Petzl Huit


£11.17 ex. VAT £9.89 ex. VAT