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Dynamic Rope

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Beal Apollo II 11mm

The Beal Apollo is an exceptionally tough and durable 11mm climbing rope. This climbing rope has a basic dry treatment and a very high fall rating, making it ideal for use in Outdoor Centres, Schools and also the commercial work and rescue market.

From £2.84 ex. VAT

Beal Wall Cruiser 9.6mm Unicore

The Beal Wall Cruiser is intended for use in indoor climbing and is a light but strong rope ideal for young climbers. The diameter of this rope is suitable for beginners and makes it easier to place in the belay device. Thanks to its thinness and manoeuvrability it can also be appreciated by experienced climbers.

From £2.15 ex. VAT

Beal Wall Master VI 10.5mm Unicore

The Beal Wall Master is a 10.5mm climbing rope that is specifically designed for use on indoor climbing walls, this rope excels in this area as its exactly what it is designed for. Beal has designed the Wall Master to be an exceptionally tough and durable wall climbing rope. The 10.5mm construction is made up of 47% sheath and the balance is the core.

From £2.34 ex. VAT

Beal Wall School 10.2mm Unicore

The Beal Wall School 10.2mm Unicore is a climbing rope that has been designed to be used on indoor climbing walls in locations such as schools, colleges and youth clubs. This 10.2mm climbing rope has been designed to be easy to handle while also being very durable. Featuring a thicker than average sheath, this is then bonded to the inner core to prevent any slippage. The Beal Unicore process which achieves this still keeps the rope highly supple and easy to handle, even by smaller children.

From £2.32 ex. VAT

Edelrid Tower 10.5mm

The Edelrid Tower 10.5mm is a dynamic climbing rope that is ideal for use in the commercial environment. This dynamic rope is perfect for use on climbing walls or in situations where most of the usage will be done while top roping.

From £2.55 ex. VAT