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Neoprene Gloves

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Zone3 100% Natural Glide


The Zone3 100% Natural Glide is a protective balm crafted in Canada with entirely natural and organic ingredients. Specifically designed for wetsuits and outdoor swimming gear, it offers excellent defense against chafing.

£10.00 inc. VAT £9.34 inc. VAT

Zone3 Heat-Tech Neoprene Swim Gloves

The Zone3 Heat-Tech Neoprene Swim Gloves complement their heat-tech swim socks. Designed for colder, off-season swims, these gloves ensure warmth for your extremities without compromising movement.

From £36.24 inc. VAT

Zone3 Neoprene Swim Gloves

The Zone3 Neoprene Swim Gloves provide insulation for your hands during cold swims, making off-season and chilly dips more comfortable. With an extended sleeve length, these gloves can be tucked under or over a wetsuit, preventing exposure of the skin and ensuring a secure fit that avoids water filling up and slipping off during swims.

From £26.96 inc. VAT