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Rope Care

Rope bags, rope buckets, rope brushes and cleaning solution, rope cutters and shrink wrap!

Rope Bags provide limited carrying capacity, usually enough for a 60m rope, a set of quickdraws, harness and rock boots. The main purpose of this piece of kit is to protect and prolong the life of your rope by keeping the rope dry and clean when in transit. Because of the manner in which the rope is stored, with no coiling necessary, the chances of kinking and tangling are reduced. An integral or removable groundsheet provides a place to lay the rope when you are actually belaying, to keep the rope clean and dry. We have options from DMM, Beal, Edelrid, the innovative collapsible Mad Rock Rope Bucket and Rope Pod, and a lightweight offering from Lowe Alpine.

Climbing and crag bags can also be found in the Expedition and Technical section on the Rucksack page. Haul sacks and kit bags can be found with Caving Gear.

Marking or re-marking the mid point of your rope with normal ink can damage the sheath, so be sure to use Beal Rope Marker. They also make a nifty rope cleaning brush, and special cleaning fluid.

If you need to be cutting batches of rope, an Edelrid hot knife is the solution for you. We use one in the shop every day for cutting cord and rope to length, so we know they stand up to heavy use very well. The ends can be treated with Alan Northrop Shrink Wrap to keep it them tidy.

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Beal Rope Cleaner Fluid


The Beal Rope cleaner fluid is a non agressive detergent that is ideal for the cleaning of climbing ropes and climbing harnesses. It has been specially designed for cleaning ropes so you can have the knowledge it will not damage the fibres in the ropes in anyway. This bottle has a one litre capacity and will work wonders, especially when used in conjunction with a Beal Rope brush. This can be used in warm water up to 30 degrees c. General Features -------------------- 1 Litre Capacity Specially designed for cleaning ropes Also suitable for use on climbing harnesses Will not damage the fibers in the rope Ideal for use in water up to 30 degrees c --------------------

£13.49 inc. VAT £11.68 inc. VAT

Beal Rope Cleaning Brush


The Beal Rope Brush is a simple but effective device, this really does reduce the efforts that are required when it comes to cleaning your ropes. Whether they are climbing ropes or caving ropes, this rope cleaning brush will do the job. It features a simple twisted metal bar that in inlaid with lots of bristles to create a tunnel. Its very easy to feed your rope through, whilst also sliding it back and fore. This process will help to remove any dirt, dust and general grime. Regular rope cleaning really does help to prolong the life of the rope whilst also maintaining higher levels of perforanmce. General Features -------------------- Best used with Beal Rope Cleaner Fluid Easy to use Twist / push the brush onto the rope Rope easily pulls through Clean Ropes last longer Clean Ropes perform better --------------------

£17.50 inc. VAT £15.17 inc. VAT