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Rope Cutting and Marking

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Alan Northrop Black Shrink Wrap 9mm - 4.5mm per metre


This shrink wrap is designed for cord/rope of between 4mm and 9mm diameters. It only comes in black.

£3.00 inc. VAT £1.79 inc. VAT

Alan Northrop Ray Shrink Wrap Clear 19mm to 9.5mm per metre


Heat shrink tubing for marking up ropes of between 9.5mm - 19mm diameters. You place a piece of paper with your required info on it, put the heat shrink round it and hair-dryer it until it shrinks to fit. Quantity is measured in meters.

£6.25 inc. VAT £5.32 inc. VAT

Beal Rope End Marking Kit


The Beal Rope End marking kit is a handy package that contains all the items you need to successfully mark the end of your newly cut climbing ropes. The pack contains a number of stickers, these are waterproof and also tear proof. It then also comes with enough shrink wrap to secure them to the rope, the shrink wrap has good levels of abrasion resistance. The packet contains 50 labels and units of shrink wrap. This will give you enough to do 25 ropes on the basis you mark each end. General Features -------------------- Package contains; Labels x 50 - Waterproof - Tear Resistant - Non rotting Shrink Wrap x 50 - Activates at 80 degrees - Highly abrasion resistant --------------------

£11.50 inc. VAT £9.98 inc. VAT

Beal Rope Tape


The Beal Rope tape is great way of end marking you’re caving or climbing rope. This rope marking tape comes supplied on a single reel and is 10m in length. It is white in colour and is easy to write on. This tape will accept writing from most pens. (A biro works very well) This is perfect for marking with the necessary information that you may wish to mark you rope with. This is the rope take that we use here at Up and Under, we mark all our in house cut ropes with the Manufactures name and also the EN number that applies to them.General Features -------------------- 10m in Length Easy to write on Colour - White Easy to apply --------------------

£8.99 inc. VAT £7.81 inc. VAT

Edelrid Hot Knife


The Edelrid Hot knife is a mains powered device that is perfect for cutting ropes. As well as making the vital cut, it will also neatly seal both ends of the rope at the same time. General Features -------------------- Mains Powered Cuts and Seals at the same time Trigger operated --------------------

£170.00 inc. VAT £149.65 inc. VAT

Edelrid Hot Knife Spare Blade


£40.00 inc. VAT £35.21 inc. VAT

Olympic Cordage Meter


Acuratly measuers the length of a rope

£494.80 inc. VAT £434.44 inc. VAT