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Palm Caddy Trolley


The Palm Caddy Trolley is a compact and lightweight solution, ideal for transporting single kayaks and sit-on-tops with a maximum capacity of 60 kg. It incorporates a robust marine-grade aluminum frame and detachable pneumatic wheels, ensuring smooth handling even in challenging terrains and muddy conditions.

£85.00 inc. VAT £75.18 inc. VAT

Eckla Kayak Trolley - Atlantic 200


The Eckla Atlantic 200 serves as an ideal trolley for transporting sea kayaks. Its aluminum frame is designed for easy folding, and it includes a pair of wheels that can be conveniently detached and stowed in a kayak hatch. Additionally, it features a helpful loading leg to maintain stability during the loading procedure. For storage convenience when not in use, it comes with its storage bag.

£100.00 inc. VAT £91.57 inc. VAT

Eckla Kayak Trolley - Atlantic 260


The Eckla Atlantic 260 portage trolley is an excellent companion for manoeuvring challenging terrain with your kayak. With its aluminum frame, convenient loading leg, and large removable wheels, it provides substantial support. When you reach the water's edge, this trolley can be efficiently folded down flat and stored in your kayak hatch. It even includes its storage bag to keep all the components neatly organised when not in use.

£109.99 inc. VAT £100.73 inc. VAT