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Aiguille Midi 28

From £82.75 inc. VAT

Aiguille Midi 35

From £79.96 inc. VAT

Aiguille Midi 40

From £84.95 inc. VAT

Aiguille Mini Midi 15

From £49.96 inc. VAT

Aiguille Waist Belt


£7.50 inc. VAT

Crewsaver Centre Smock Top

From £58.46 inc. VAT

Crewsaver Centre Trousers

From £51.09 inc. VAT

Highlander Outdoor Waterproof Notebook


£4.99 inc. VAT £4.34 inc. VAT

Life Systems Light Sticks


Primarily used in emergencies as a signalling device, which lasts up to 15 hours. Great for D of E, camping trips and an esential sea kayaking peice of kit. A great buy for all you festival goers! Time to light up and have fun!2 x 15 hour light sticks (foil wrapped) 1 green + 1 orange stick Lanyard included with each stick Safe: non-toxic & non-flammable Material durable Polypropylene Weight: 24g (each) Dimensions: 18 x 16 x 165mm (each) Items: 2

£4.00 inc. VAT £3.56 inc. VAT

Life Systems Mountain Leader First Aid Kit


Zip bag inc: antiseptic wipes, scissors, gloves, crepe, triangle bandage, various non-adherent, lint, ambulance and strip adhesive dressings, waterproof plasters, zinc tape, Resusci Aid, tweezers, micropore tape, extra bandages, plasters + dressings.

£49.99 inc. VAT £44.56 inc. VAT

Life Systems Mountain Leader Pro First Aid Kit


The big daddy of first aid kits is designed for Group Leaders working with groups of up to 16 people in the hills. This comprehensive kit has everything you can think of and everything you could need in quantity.150 Denier PU coated ripstop pack Belt-loop attachment Waterproof zip closure Quick-Find system Dimensions 30 x 18 x 12 cm Weighs 1210g Contains 88 items Primary care leaflet Dental care leaflet Sterile card Scalpel Silk suture Hypodermic needles Syringes Burn gel Tweezers Safety pins Shears Scissors Thermometer Fabric dressing strip Wound closure strips Woven bandages Triangular bandages Dental mirror Spatula Clove oil Dental filling cement Cotton rolls Crepe bandage Low-adherent dressings Medium dressings Eyepad dressings Fabric plasters Blister plasters Vinyl gloves Guaze swabs Paracetamol Ibuprofen Antiseptic wipes Duct tape Resusci-Aid Glow stick Zinc oxide tape Micropore tape

£79.99 inc. VAT £71.29 inc. VAT

Nookie NKE Centre Salopette

From £79.96 inc. VAT

Palm Centre Salopettes

From £73.16 inc. VAT

Palm Centre Smock

From £56.70 inc. VAT

Rab Group Shelter

From £48.50 inc. VAT