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Aiguille Midi 28

The Aiguille Midi 28 is a great walking daypack that is ideal for use in the commercial environment and outdoor education centres. This is due to the very high levels of durability while offering a great simple design that works well.

From £68.96 ex. VAT

Crewsaver Centre Smock Top

The Crewsaver Centre Smock Top is constructed to be both durable and comfortable. With reinforced elbows, strengthened stress points, taped seams and a pull-tight hood/hand warmer pocket, this smock top is practical and covers all bases.

From £33.25 ex. VAT

Crewsaver Centre Trousers

The Crewsaver Centre Trousers are constructed to be as durable as they are comfortable, the Centre Trousers cover all bases with extra reinforcement on the seat and knees, durable and adjustable braces plus adjustable ankles. Colour coding makes it easy for everyone to pick out the right size, speeding up the kit selection process.

From £51.06 ex. VAT

Highlander Outdoor Waterproof Notebook


This waterproof notebook allows you to take notes in all weather conditions. There's no smudging as notes are in tact on the tough paper if you're caught in a rain shower.

£4.16 ex. VAT £3.89 ex. VAT

Life Systems Flexi Splint


The Lifesystems Flexi Splint has been designed to immobilise broken bones and sprain injuries. It is lightweight, compact and portable making it easy to pack. Instructions are printed on the splint and it is an ideal addition to a Lifesystems First Aid Kit.

£6.66 ex. VAT £5.91 ex. VAT

Life Systems Light Sticks


The Life Systems Light Sticks have been primarily designed as emergency signalling devices. Each Light Stick lasts for up to 15 hours (green/orange) or 8 hours (white). They come in both green and orange or white colours. To activate just bend, snap and shake thoroughly. Full glow will just take a few seconds.

£3.33 ex. VAT £2.95 ex. VAT

Life Systems Mountain Leader First Aid Kit


The Life Systems Mountain Leader First Aid Kit provides the equipment needed to care for a large group of between 1 and 14 people. This kit is also used by survival training schools in the UK. It has been designed with the help of expedition doctor Hugh Montgomery and members of the British Special Forces medical team.

£49.16 ex. VAT £43.57 ex. VAT

Life Systems Mountain Leader Pro First Aid Kit


The Life Systems Mountain Leader Pro First Aid Kit is the big daddy of first aid kits, designed for Group Leaders working with groups of up to 16 people in the hills. This kit is a popular recommendation in survival training schools. Like the other Mountain Leader Kits, the Mountain Leader Pro has been put together with the help of expedition doctor Hugh Montgomery and the British Special Forces medical team.

£72.49 ex. VAT £64.24 ex. VAT

Nikwax Waterproofing Wax - Liquid

Nikwax Waterproofing Wax is a high performance waterproofing solution that maintains support and breathability. This easy to use non-softening water based wax is the perfect solution to waterproofing your leather boots. It protects walking, motorcycle, work and sports footwear plus bridle work and saddlery.

From £37.08 ex. VAT

Nookie NKE Centre Salopette

The Nookie NKE Centre Salopettes are breathable and waterproof bib style over-trousers with adjustable braces. Developed in partnership with outdoor activity instructors to make sure they fit your every need, these salopettes are extremely easy to put on over other layers and the cuffs will stretch enough to get over wellies or boots. Great for outdoor activity providers, paddle boarding canoeing, kayaking, dinghy sailing and instructing.

From £65.81 ex. VAT

Palm Centre Salopettes

The Palm Centre Salopettes are a great way of protecting yourself and your clients from the prevailing wind and rain. These waterproof salopettes work well in conjunction with the Palm Centre Smock. Palm have designed these kayak salopettes to be used in the Outdoor Education environment.

From £67.11 ex. VAT

Palm Centre Smock

The Palm Centre Smock is a waterproof cagoule that's ideal for Canoeing, Kayaking and Ghyll Scrambling. While having a very similar design to the Centre Jacket, this sees the addition of a hood for extra protection. Palm has designed the centre smock to be a versatile cross over piece of kit that's great for variety of Outdoor Education sectors.

From £50.70 ex. VAT

Silva Compass Storage Case


If you've ever wondered what you were supposed to do with your compass' while not in use then this is for you! This is a zip around case with a foam insert that has space for 28 units. Does not include compasses.

£29.16 ex. VAT £25.98 ex. VAT

Silva Demo Compass


This Silva Demonstration compass version is ideal for whiteboard demonstrations and is made of white plastic.

£17.49 ex. VAT £15.59 ex. VAT

Snugpak Water Resistant Notebook

The Snugpak Water Resistant Notebook is a great piece of equipment for day trips and expeditions where you may need to take down information. The need to write down information in an emergency is often disregarded in this day of smartphone technology, but the lined and gridded pages of this Notebook ensure that information from Grid References to a time-critical Ethane report for the Rescue Services can be completed easily and quickly. This water-resistant paper can be used with any normal pen or pencils in inclement weather, However, for best results use with a 2B Soft Pencil.

From £3.70 ex. VAT

Up and Under Bootlace Reel

From £37.10 ex. VAT