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Edelrid Rescue Canyoning Knife


This cEdelrid Rescue Canyoning Knife is very small. Ideal when trying to pack minimally. Using the included plastic holder, the knife can be easily attached to a harness for quick access when required. Despite its small size it can cut with ease due to the sharp, serrated edge but is safe to use in rescues because of the blunted tip.

£45.00 inc. VAT £39.86 inc. VAT

Palm Folding Knife


The Palm Folding Knife is a crucial tool for river safety, making it an excellent addition to any river rescue kit. It's particularly essential when using a kayaking throw bag.

£20.00 inc. VAT £17.69 inc. VAT

Peak PS River Knife


The Peak PS River Knife is a safety knife for river and whitewater kayaking. It features a locking and serrated titanium coated blade with a flap tip. There's also a handy essential bottle opener! (not suitable for use in salt water).

£20.00 inc. VAT £17.75 inc. VAT

Trango Piranha Alpine Knife


The Piranha Alpine Knife is a brilliant yet compact accessory knife weighing in at just 20g with a tough stainless steel serated locking blade. Easily opened and closed with one hand. Safety mechanism keeps knife locked shut on carabiner to reduce risk of involuntary opening. Doubles as a bottle opener for use at the end of a hard day.

£23.00 inc. VAT £20.50 inc. VAT

Life Systems Waterproof First Aid Kit


The Life Systems Waterproof First Aid Kit is a tough and waterproof drybag that houses a first aid kit and its contents. It has an internal quick-find system that makes it a great choice for all outdoor enthusiasts. It contains plenty of classic first aid equipment and also features items for injuries typically sustained from watersports (such as a resusci-aid), making it an important product for anyone canoeing, kayaking and rafting.

£34.99 inc. VAT £31.01 inc. VAT