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A floating rope for any water based activity.Line strength 6600N Line 8mm KERNMANTEL 16/16 braid polypropolene FLOATING ROPE

£0.58 ex. VAT £0.49 ex. VAT

Adder 4m

From £11.87 ex. VAT



£13.33 ex. VAT £11.87 ex. VAT

APC O-Ring


£10.00 ex. VAT £8.72 ex. VAT

Autolock Karabiner


A large D-shaped karabiner with anodized finish for durability. The gate is protected with an autolock system to prevent accidental openingLarge D-shape Autolock Material: Anodized aluminium

£17.50 ex. VAT £15.26 ex. VAT

Bait Ring


The Whetman Equipment Bait Ring is an anodised alloy ring that is ideal for kayak rescue situations. This rescue ring features a 12mm alloy bar which has an internal opening of 45mm diameter. This is rated to an impressive 25kN. This is perfect for also adding to the rear of your PFD chest harness.General Features -------------------- Alloy construction Anodised alloy 25kN breaking strength 12mm bar diameter 45mm central opening --------------------

£10.00 ex. VAT £8.94 ex. VAT

Belt Porter


£29.16 ex. VAT £25.95 ex. VAT



Weight - 1123 g (20 m) 20m of 11mm, high visibility, polypropylene cored rope CORDURA® 500D bag with 420D Polyester lining 10 kN static breaking strength Rope can be removed and used on its own Fidlock magnetic neck closure Extra fabric and stiffened neck to aid throwing and repacking Quickclip clean line attachment point Quick Release and Zambezi belt compatible

£45.83 ex. VAT £39.96 ex. VAT

Bungee Cowtail


£18.33 ex. VAT £16.31 ex. VAT

Chisel 12cm Blunt Ended Knife


£24.96 ex. VAT £21.92 ex. VAT

Colca 20m


The Whetman Equipment Colca, a 20m kayak throw bag that features a very simple and effective design./ The Colca 20m has a large opening top flap so it’s easy to repack, the bag is also wedge shaped so it will throw with accuracy and efficiency. This top flap is easily secured with a plastic clip. The side of the bag incorporates a webbing loop; this also passes through the side of the bag and offers an internal anchor point for the rope to connect to. The rear of the bag comes with 2 fabric eyelets; this enables the bag to be waist mounted on a Whetman Water Belt. General Features -------------------- Rope Kernmantel 16/16 Braid Polyester - 20m - 10mm - 9.8kN breaking Strength Aerodynamic Design - Easy to throw - Easy to repack Top Loading Design - Easy to repack Top Lid secured by a clip buckle Webbing Loop on the lid Side eyelet for securing a karabiner Whetman Waterbelt Compatible - Two Rear Eyelets for efficient mounting --------------------

£45.83 ex. VAT £40.79 ex. VAT

Colca 25m


A compact 25m throwline by Whetman equipment

£41.63 ex. VAT £37.78 ex. VAT

Compact Alpin


The HF Equipment Compact Alpin is possibly one of the best kayak throw bags available. This kayak throw line features an ultra tough and highly durable Cordura bag which also has a set of built in reloading handles. The rope it self is 20m in length and 10mm in diameter. This has a strength rating of 1300daN. The base of the bag is padded, it shows the technical specs of the rope and also features an additional carry handle. The bag is designed around a cylinder shape and also features a wide neck opening. This also makes it very easy to reload. General Features -------------------- Rope Length - 20m Rope diameter - 10mm Rope Strength - 1300daN Cordura Construction Cylinder style bag Padded base Carry handle on the base Reloading handles on top of the bag --------------------

£45.83 ex. VAT £40.79 ex. VAT

Compact Classic


The HF Equipment Compact classic is a 20m kayak throw line that has set the bench mark for nearly 20 years! This kayak throw bag features a 20m safety rope with an 8.5mm diameter. This rope than incorporates a breaking load of 1100daN. The Compact classic throw bag features a tough and durable bag which is easy to pack after depolying due to the large opening neck. This is then easily secured by a press stud. Adjacent to the neck strap is a plastic d ring, this is perfect for securing this kayak throw bag into your chosen white water kayak. General Features -------------------- Rope Length - 20m Rope Diameter - 8.5mm Breaking Load - 1100 daN Cordura Construction Cylinder style bag Wide neck for easy packing D Ring for securing into a kayak --------------------

£29.16 ex. VAT £25.95 ex. VAT

Compact Line


£43.33 ex. VAT £37.83 ex. VAT

Compact Thirty


The HF Compact Thirty, a kayak throw bag that's ideal for use on large rivers that are wider than the average UK river. This kayak throw line feature a super long 30m rope with an 7.5mm diameter. The Compact thirty is based around a tough and durable Cordura bag which features a padded base which displays the technical specs. The base of the bag also features a carry handle. This throw bag is easy to repack after use, due to the large opening neck. This neck is then easily secured by a push stud. The d ring adjacent to this is perfect for securing the bag into a kayak. General Features -------------------- Rope Length - 30m Rope Diameter - 7.5mm Breaking Load - 840daN Cordura construction Wide opening neck Neck securing via a press stud Padded base Carry handle on the base Reflective detailing --------------------

£35.83 ex. VAT £31.89 ex. VAT