Established in 1977
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Classic Models

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Valley Anas Acuta

The Valley Anas Acuta is the closest experience you can possibly get, in a composite kayak, to paddling a genuine skin on frame Greenland kayak. The Anas Acuta is based on measurements taken from a historic Greenland kayak. Its low decks, hard chines and pronounced rocker, make this kayak extremely responsive to paddler inputs and a real joy to paddle.

From £3,495.00 inc. VAT

Valley Nordkapp Forti

The Valley Nordkapp Forti is a fast traditional sea kayak that's been made with composite materials. Ideal for long coastal trips and open water crossings where durability is required, the Nordkapp Forti features 3 hatches, a retractable skeg, welded bulkheads, decklines and a compass recess.

From £3,495.00 inc. VAT

Valley Nordkapp RM

The Valley Kayak Nordkapp RM is undoubtedly one of the most influential sea kayaks ever produced, the original being designed specifically fort the 1975 Norwegian coast expedition, to the northern most point in Scandinavia. This boat marked the beginning of modern sea kayak exploration and marked a watershed in equipment designed for the sport.

From £1,950.00 inc. VAT