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Bateson Trailers Canoe Trailer

From £3,780.00 inc. VAT

Canoe Polo Zone Rack Straps

From £7.46 inc. VAT

Dryrobe Car Seat Cover

From £40.00 inc. VAT

Eckla Aero Bar Adapter


The Eckla aero bar adapter is supplied as a pair, this handy roof rack accessory then makes it possible to fit a water sports rack to your roof rack cross bars that incorporate a t-track system.

£13.00 inc. VAT £12.26 inc. VAT

Eckla Foldable Uprights

From £80.22 inc. VAT

Eckla J Bars


The Eckla J bar is a very simple and effective way of transporting a sea kayak on your car roof rack. These j bars come supplied as a pair and are simple and easy to fit.

£59.99 inc. VAT £56.62 inc. VAT

Eckla Loading Arm


The Eckla Loading Arm is a kayak loading system designed to make it easier for a single person to load a boat onto the roof without taking the full weight of the boat at any point. The Load assistance can be completely pulled from the tube and refitted again simply without the need for any screws. Using this Arm it is possible to load the car from both sides. The load capacity of the support arm is app. 30 kg.

£109.99 inc. VAT £102.18 inc. VAT

Eckla Split V Bars


The Eckla Split V Bars come supplied as a pair and they are the perfect water sports carriers for sea kayaks and also racing kayaks. Eckla has designed these sea kayak v bars to feature a stiff and durable steel construction, this has then been coated for added performance. They then incorporate a PVC sleeve that helps to grip and offer basic levels of protection to your kayak.

£70.00 inc. VAT £66.06 inc. VAT

Eckla Uprights


The Eckla Uprights are supplied as a pair, they also come with the fittings required to mount them onto a roof rack cross bars such as the Thule SqaureBar. However to use them on load bars such as the Thule WingBar you would also want to purchase some Eckla aero bar adapters.

£34.99 inc. VAT £33.02 inc. VAT

FCS Keylock


The FCS KeyLock is a weather protected combination lock that attaches to a number of points on your car. With up to 10000 combinations, it secures your keys or anything else you can fit inside so you can surf, swim or run freely.

£36.95 inc. VAT £34.25 inc. VAT

HandiWorld Inflatable Roofrack


The HandiWorld Inflatable roof rack is the perfect solution for getting home from the shop with a spur of the moment purchase such as a Sit on top kayak. This inflatable roof rack is capable of carrying up to 80kg. However you do need to check to see what your car manufacturers technical data suggests as a maximum loading capacity.

£79.99 inc. VAT £75.49 inc. VAT

HF Equipment Tidy Bag


The clever solution to store your roof rack straps in your car. Put your roof rack straps straight in the °hf Tidy Bag for a fast, effective way of storing. They come out knot free every time. No hassle no mess! The Tidy Bag can hold up to 8 roof rack straps with 25mm buckles.

£25.00 inc. VAT £22.96 inc. VAT

Kajak Sport U-Foamblocks

From £32.50 inc. VAT

Kanulock Lockable Tiedowns

From £55.96 inc. VAT

Nookie Roof Rack Pads

From £26.95 inc. VAT