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Neoprene Mitts

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Palm Talon Mitts

The Palm Talon Mitts are some of the best open palm kayak gloves available. These neoprene kayaking mitts feature an open palm design, so you can get a full feeling of your kayak paddle in your hands. These kayaking mitts incorporate a 3mm neoprene construction, which also features a quick drying thermal liner. The seams are also glued and blind stitched for enhanced warmth and performance.

From £28.36 inc. VAT

Peak PS Open Palm Mitt

From £25.63 inc. VAT

Peak UK Open Palm Mitt

The Peak UK Open Palm mitt, neoprene paddle mitts that will give you added warmth on cold days. These kayaking mitts feature a 2mm super stretch neoprene construction, it is soft flexible and gives a great fit. For enhanced performance all of the seams are blind stitched, while the ends of the paddle mitts feature a silicone print that gives some grip. These open palm neoprene gloves offer warmth to the fingers and also the back of the hands, while the open palm design allows for a better grip on paddle shaft. These are great winter kayaking gloves.

From £25.63 inc. VAT

Yak Open Palm Mitt

The Yak Open Palm Mitts are a great option for keeping your hands warm on the colder days whilst you’re out kayaking. These neoprene paddles mitts also feature an open palm design so you can get a full feeling of your kayak paddle shaft in your hands. The Open Pam mitt features a 3mm neoprene on the back of the hand and a 2mm neoprene on the palm. The neoprene on the back of the hand also features a wind resistant mesh, whilst the insides of thee paddle mitts features a fine mesh liner for additional warmth.

From £21.50 inc. VAT
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