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Running Gloves

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OMM Ltd Core Mitts

The OMM Ltd Core Mitts are adaptable and designed to be worn either on their own or with a waterproof shell overmitt. They utilize an innovative approach to active insulation, as the entire OMM Core Range is crafted from PrimaLoft® ACTIVE ultra-light insulating fabric. This advanced material combines the warmth of fleece with less than half the weight. When used with a shell, the Core becomes a highly efficient insulator.

From £22.27 ex. VAT

OMM Ltd Fusion Glove

The OMM Ltd Fusion Gloves are a midweight running glove with a windproof back and E-tip on the index fingers. The fit offers dexterity for ascents where you may need to use your hands, whilst the fingers are equipped with silicone grips for easy map handling. The palms are lined with a light fleece for warmth and the windproof back will protect you from the elements. The Fusion gloves also benefit from E-tips on the index fingers, for compatibility with smartphones.

From £18.56 ex. VAT

OMM Ltd Kamleika Overmitt

The OMM Ltd Kamleika Overmitts are waterproof running mitts that offer protection from the elements when the weather takes a turn. They can be worn either next-to-skin or over another glove for added insulation. They're constructed from the same stretchy, breathable and waterproof fabric as the rest of the Kamleika range for unrivalled protection in the most challenging conditions.

From £29.70 ex. VAT

Raidlight Arm Sleeves

Raidlight Arm Sleeves give you more versatility in your running outfit when paired with a short sleeve top. Being able to take on and off mid-run allows you to adjust to temperatures throughout the day or with changing altitude. The extended arms cover the backs and palms of hands, with a thumb loop to keep them in place, whilst featuring a watch flap to mitigate the faff of peeling back clothing to check the time (or your stats).

From £16.66 ex. VAT

Raidlight MP+ Overmitts

The Raidlight MP+ Overmitts are designed to be the lightest rain and wind cover you can get for your hands. They can be used on their own to keep of wind-chill and rain, or paired with other insulating gloves when the weather gets colder. At only 20g they will fit in your running pack whether you need them for mandatory kit or not! The material is stretchy and the elasticated wrist strap helps them stay in place and remain comfortable during use.

From £20.83 ex. VAT

Ultimate Direction Ultra Flip Gloves

Conversion is key with the Ultra Flip Glove. Already warm and comfortable, this five-finger breathable glove becomes 20 degrees warmer with just a flip of the stowable mitt. The waterproof Cordura® flip mitt adds additional layer but virtually no extra weight or bulk, for running, biking, hiking or skiing in cold or foul weather. You can even scroll your running playlists or take a picture on the trail with the Ultra Flip Gloves’ touchscreen-compatible finger pads.

From £33.41 ex. VAT

Rab Xenon Glove

The Rab Xenon Glove is a lightweight, insulated glove that can be packed down into it's own stuff sack. A micro-fleece lining provides a high next to skin comfort, while the PrimaLoft Gold Insulation does the job of keeping your hands warm. The Pertex Quantum outer helps stave off some wind and rain with a DWR finish, and a contrast PU material on the palm adds durability. The Xenon is perfect for a day of leisurely mountain activities, a warm liner, or just packed away in your bag.

From £38.49 ex. VAT

Montane Women's Prism Dry Line Glove

Montane's Women's Prism Dry Line Gloves are lightweight, warm, waterproof, and exceptionally packable, making them perfect for agile and swift movement in cold and wet environments. These gloves incorporate PrimaLoft® GOLD Insulation, a PERTEX® outer layer, and a brushed microfleece lining, complemented by the additional advantage of a FREEFLOW Mantle inner waterproof lining. The inclusion of a stuff sack adds to their convenience.

From £51.58 ex. VAT

Montane Prism Dry Line Mitt

The Montane Prism Dry Line Mitts offer lightweight, waterproof, and packable warmth with a brushed microfleece lining. Featuring PrimaLoft® GOLD insulation, a waterproof PERTEX® outer fabric, and a brushed microfleece lining, these mitts are perfect for agile movement in cold, wet conditions. Easily stowed in their own stuff sack, these mitts, with their impressive warmth-to-weight ratio, are essential for any fast and light activity.

From £51.58 ex. VAT

Montane Prism Dry Line Glove

The Montane Prism Dry Line Glove is ultra-lightweight and packable, with a brushed fleece lining. Ideal for moving fast and light in cold, wet conditions, these gloves are waterproof and feature PrimaLoft GOLD insulation. The Prism Dry Line has a waterproof Pertex outer with the added benefit of Freeflow Mantle waterproof lining, and they come with their own stuff sack!

From £51.58 ex. VAT

Rab Silkwarm Glove

The Silkwarm Glove by Rab is luxurious yet versatile, giving you that extra layer of thermal protection under gloves. Made with 100% silk, these gloves are incredibly soft and smooth next to the skin whilst reducing friction between layers when worn with an outer glove.

From £11.66 ex. VAT