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Dagger Adjustable Thighbrace


£24.17 ex. VAT £21.37 ex. VAT

Dagger Contour Lite Back Pad


£12.50 ex. VAT £11.18 ex. VAT

Dagger Oval Domed Hatch Cover


The Dagger Oval Domed Hatch Cover is oval in shape and will fit a number of different kayaks. It features an internal foam gasket to give the best seal possible and a dual plastic rubber construction which offers great levels of performance. The underside of the hatch also incorporates a moulded in anchor point to enable you to secure it to your kayak.

£41.67 ex. VAT £37.28 ex. VAT

Dagger Round Domed Hatch Cover


The Dagger round domed hatch cover has a dual plastic rubber construction. This dual material construction ensures that best levels of performance. The plastic centre panel makes it stiff and prevents it from imploding, while the rubber edge makes it easy to get on and off whilst still maintaining a good seal.

£32.50 ex. VAT £29.08 ex. VAT

Palm Cam Cleat


£5.83 ex. VAT £5.22 ex. VAT

Palm Grab Handles


The Palm Grab Handles will attach to a selection of Palm Kayaks.

£16.67 ex. VAT £14.63 ex. VAT

Palm Jamming Cleat


£5.00 ex. VAT £4.47 ex. VAT

Palm Keepers Footrest


The Palm Keepers Foot Brace is one of the most popular footrests found in kayaks today. They are fully constructed from plastic so there's no danger from corrosion. On the rear of the main pedal there is a small trigger that controls the adjustment.

£25.00 ex. VAT £22.37 ex. VAT

Palm Rawl Nut

From £4.47 ex. VAT

Palm Round Domed Hatch Cover


£34.17 ex. VAT £30.57 ex. VAT

Palm Slidelock Footrest


The Palm Slidelock Footrest is easy to retrofit to the majority of kayaks, it's a simple case of bolting through the side of the kayak. It's easy to adjust due to the long adjustment arms which also save you having to reach right down into the boat. The support is then offered by two pedals that give moderate levels of support. Ideal for use on up to grade two rivers.

£41.67 ex. VAT £37.28 ex. VAT

Palm Soft Touch Handles


The Palm Soft touch kayak handles have been designed to make things more comfortable when it comes to transporting your kayak. These handles feature a moulded shape that sits easily in the hand and are supplied as a pair. They come complete with the rope that loops around the existing handles.

£12.50 ex. VAT £11.18 ex. VAT

Palm Universal Backrest

The Palm Universal backrest is available in two sizes and is easy to retrofit to most kayaks. It will offer good levels of support and comfort as it features a well padded back, this is secured to a 50mm belt which is supported by the sides of the seat. Further support for the back pad comes from two supporting straps that mount onto the rear of the cockpit.

From £25.06 ex. VAT

Pyranha Retractable Skeg

The Pyranha retractable skeg is a great upgrade for selected kayaks. It will help to keep you in a straight line and therefor improve your directional stability. This skeg will only fit selected kayaks that have a moulded in skeg box, all of them are in the Pyranha range. It currently fits models such as the Pyranha Master TG, TG Lite, Fusion and also the Fusion Sit on Top.

From £43.49 ex. VAT

Ruk Sport Luggage Handle


The Ruk Sport Luggage Handle is a replacement carry handle that will fit a wide range of kayaks.

£5.83 ex. VAT £5.19 ex. VAT

Venture Storage Pod 3L


The Venture Storage Pod 3L offers a 3L carrying capacity. It is suitable for securing into the moulding on the front decks of kayaks such as the Pyranha Fusion and the Venture Flex 11. This storage pod is made from a tough, durable plastic and the access is secured by a kayak sport hatch. The opening to the pod is 9cm across so it’s easy to fit items like cameras in and out. The pod also features a bungee securing elastic so it can be secured to the front of the kayak.

£39.17 ex. VAT £37.17 ex. VAT