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Alpine Club 4000m Peaks of the Alps - Selected Climbs


A guidebook of over 230 alpine routes detailing all of the noteworthy routes in the area from beginner level to routes for seasoned alpinists. A Bible for alpine mountaineering. Paperback revised info on many routes and grades.

£25.00 ex. VAT £22.74 ex. VAT

Alpine Club Bernese Oberland including Salbitschijen: Selected Climbs


A comprehensive alpine climbing guide to the Bernese Oberland in Switzerland. A new edition of a popular guide to this well-known area of the Alps, including for the first time the very fine alpine rock climbing area of the Salbitschijen. The guide describes routes on over 100 peaks and passes in the region including routes on all the 4000m peaks as well as on other major peaks such as the Eiger, Beitschhorn and Wetterhorn as well as on many less well-known summits.

£19.50 ex. VAT £17.74 ex. VAT

Alpine Club Bernina and Bregaglia Selected Climbs


Alpine climbing guide to the Bregalia and Bernina areas of Switzerland - Including the Piz Badile.

£18.50 ex. VAT £16.83 ex. VAT

Alpine Club Ecrin Massif Cerces and Queyras Selected Climbs


This is a rock climbing guide to the Ecrin Massif peak in France, Europe. Lots of mountain, alpine and ice routes and biking/ walking routes.

£17.50 ex. VAT £15.92 ex. VAT

Baton Wicks Publications Mont Blanc Massif 100 Finest Routes


The ultimate Mont Blanc Massif tick list! This new edition of this ever popular book reflects the changes in equipment, developments in grading and new problems created by glacial retreat (hastened by global warming). The 100 routes featured are still regarded as bench marks against which any aspiring alpinist can test themselves - a fantastic testament to its author and proof of its enduring relevance.

£30.00 ex. VAT £27.29 ex. VAT

Editions Constant Snow and Mixed Climbs: Ecrins East, Cerces, Queyras, Vol 1 - 344 routes Alpinism and Ski Mountaineer


A new guide covering the Cerces and Queyras and the first of its kind to this area - 344 routes are described including straight-forward snow 'plods', mixed climbs of all grades and the classic mountaineering routes of the area; the guide also describes the ski-mountaineering available in the area.

£31.95 ex. VAT £31.07 ex. VAT

Idea Montagna Mont Blanc: Clasic & Plaisir


A guide to the Mont Blanc Massif decribing 67 routes, rock, ice and mixed, in the middle grades (up to F6a). The guide is fully illustrated throughout with both full colour photo-topos and excellent hand-drawn topos, it is packed with great action shots and has a good selection of approach and over-view maps.

£24.95 ex. VAT £23.48 ex. VAT

Jmeditions Mont Blanc 4810m - 5 Routes To The Summit


The Mont Blanc 4810m - 5 Routes to the Summit guidebook helps you to better understand the mountain, and gives you a choice among the five classic summit routes. These include the ordinary route through the Aiguille du Gouter, the Aiguille du Midi traverse, the historical route through the Grands Mulets, the normal Italian route and the Miage - Bionnassay - Mont Blanc traverse.

£21.95 ex. VAT £20.66 ex. VAT

Michel Piola Mont Blanc Massif: Envers des Aiguilles - Requin, Envers des Aiguilles, Montenvers


The Envers des Aiguilles covers a wealth of fantastic alpine rock climbing around the Requin Hut, the Envers des Aiguilles Hut and the banks of the Mer de Glace.

£36.95 ex. VAT £34.77 ex. VAT

Michel Piola The Aiguilles Rouges 1: Opposite Mont Blanc - From the Brevent to the Chezerys Slabs


A new guide to the rock routes in the popular Aiguilles Rouges situated on the southern side of the Chamonix Valley.

£36.95 ex. VAT £34.77 ex. VAT

Rockfax Chamonix - A guide to the best rock climbs & mountain routes around Chamonix and Mont-Blanc


Chamonix is the most famous climbing area in Europe. Nowhere else has as much quality rock, spectacular peaks and varied mountaineering history. For most climbers, a trip to Chamonix is an integral part of their climbing and mountaineering career. When there you want to try everything; perfect granite rock routes, magnificent long ridges, intimidating north faces and then also have some valley sport climbing for the ‘rest days’. Or maybe you just want to tick Mont Blanc.

£36.95 ex. VAT £33.61 ex. VAT

Rockfax The Dolomites: Rock Climbs and Via Ferrata


Located in northern Italy, and representing a true mix of Italian and Austrian culture, the Dolomites contain climbing of every shape and size. Single pitch sport crags lie beside kilometre-long traditional routes, with climbs which are steeped in history running parallel to modern bolted lines.

£34.95 ex. VAT £31.79 ex. VAT

Vamos Crag Climbs In Chamonix


Fancy a bit of R & R from the daily chore of trudging up snow slopes with the consistency of sugar or dodging collapsing seracs in the late afternoon sun - this is a new edition of the ever popular Chamonix Valley Cragging guide (published July 2015), describing all the sport climbing venues in the area.

£27.95 ex. VAT £27.11 ex. VAT

Vamos Mont Blanc Easy Ascents & Glacier Hikes


Translated from the popular French guidebook, this gives a fine introduction to the area for British hill walkers visiting the Alps for the first time.

£21.95 ex. VAT £20.66 ex. VAT

Vertebrate Publishing Mountaineering in the Mont Blanc Range: Classic Snow, Ice & Mixed Climbs


Mountaineering in the Mont Blanc Range showcases the most beautiful lower grade snow, ice and mixed climbs (F to AD+) in the seemingly inexhaustible Mont Blanc Range. The routes described in this book should be within the capabilities of almost all mountaineers.

£14.95 ex. VAT £13.60 ex. VAT