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DMM K-Pro Rope Protector

The DMM K-Pro Rope Protector is a great addition to your stash of gear to prolong and protect ropes over abrasive or sharp edges.

From £35.45 inc. VAT

SMC Pro-Tech


The Lyon SMC Pro-Tech was created to be the ultimate solution to challenging rope protection scenarios. Pro-Tech can handle up to three moving or fixed ropes with captive pins that keep the ropes from "jumping the tracks." The polyacetal plastic was rigorously tested for durability and a low coefficient of friction to ensure that your ropes will be resolutely protected from damage while still sliding cleanly over obstacles.

£209.99 inc. VAT

Petzl Protec


The Petzl Protec is a flexible protector is designed to protect a fixed rope from abrasion when working at height or during rescue. Easy to install and durable, it’s made for regular to intensive use. Protec fits most rope diameters used by professionals, as well as anchor straps.

£14.50 inc. VAT £12.86 inc. VAT

Lyon Rope Protector Canvas

The Lyon Rope Protector is designed for situations where a localised area of rope protection from limited abrasion is required. It can also be used as a barbed wire protector for getting yourself or your dog safely over sections of barbed wire. Ideal for hill walking in the Republic of Ireland where styles and paths are notably lacking.

From £18.30 inc. VAT

Spiroll Rope Protector

The Spiroll Rope Protector employs a unique patent pending technology whereby the device’s rugged polyurethane material wraps snugly around a rope several times to secure itself in place. Spiroll Rope Protectors are easily placed anywhere on a rope and then positioned into the desired location.

From £13.34 inc. VAT

Warmbac Rope Protector

The Warmbac Rope Protector is made with PVC and features a full length Velcro closure and two eyelet holes. Comes available in either 50cm or 100cm lengths.

From £9.91 inc. VAT