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Thwarts and Yokes

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Silverbirch Canoes Standard Thwart

The Silverbirch Canoes Standard Thwart comes available in two size options. The 39" is the standard size for most boats, whilst the 31" is suitable for narrower boats such as the Firefly 14. The Thwart features an ash construction and is supplied uncut and undrilled, this makes it highly versatile as you can the cut it down and drill where needed to suit the make and model of your boat. When cutting them down it's worth remembering to cut equal amounts off each end to make sure it sits correctly in your chosen canoe!

From £26.92 ex. VAT

Silverbirch Canoes Standard Yoke


The Silverbirch Canoes Standard Yoke comes available in a single size of 39" wide. It will fit most Canadian Canoes such as the Broadland 16 and features an ash construction. It comes uncut and undrilled, making it highly versatile as you can easily cut it down and drill it to suit the make and model of open canoe.

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Venture Ash Kneeling Thwart


£39.96 ex. VAT £37.25 ex. VAT

Venture Alloy Hanger & Fittings

The Venture alloy hanger offers a simple solution to suspending the wood seat in your Canadian Canoe. It simply bolts through the ends of the seat and then through the gunnel. The set comes with 2 hangers and the canoe seat hanger bolts which include the bolts, nuts and washers. It come’s pre-drilled with the holes so all you need to do is drill the holes in the seat and maybe the gunnels, so it all lines up correctly.

From £9.49 ex. VAT