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Headbands and Neck Gaiters

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Buff Coolnet UV

The Buff Coolnet UV (youth fit) has been been made from recycled plastic bottles and delivers UPF 50 sun protection and evaporative cooling properties. Perfect for all summer activities, this lightweight and multi-functional neckwear will keep you cool, fresh and protected from the sun, whatever adventures you have planned.

From £10.56 ex. VAT

Buff Coolnet UV Buff

The Buff Coolnet UV Buff is a great option for outdoor workers as it is UPF50 certified, offering certified protection against UV radiation from the sun's rays. It's also designed to quickly and effectively wick away sweat and moisture, making it ideal for medium and high intensity activities. As always with Buff, there are several ways in which it can be worn, so you can wear it in different positions to protect the areas that need it most.

From £12.36 ex. VAT

Buff Coolnet UV Ellipse Headband

The Buff Tapered Headband provides ultimate fit to your head, ensuring maximum comfort. Buff Headband has moved one step forward, preserving the recycled nature made of fusion joined fabrics, also breathable. Stay cool during any activity you choose under the sun. Goodbye to the sweat, skin irritation and hazardous exposure to the sun. Headband with all-in-one comfort and protection.

From £11.63 ex. VAT

Buff Coolnet UV Insect Shield Buff

The Buff Coolnet UV Insect Shield will provide you with full protection from the sun and its built-in revolutionary Insect Shield technology will keep the insects away. It's breathable, lightweight and comfortable with a 100% seamless design for the perfect fit. The fabric used in these Buffs is 95% recycled and has moisture managing properties that pull sweat away from your skin, keeping you nice and cool when out enjoying the sun.

From £16.01 ex. VAT

Buff Coolnet UV Slim Headband

The Buff Coolnet UV Slim Headband is a slim and athletic headband that's been constructed from recycled plastic bottles. It features hidden silicone grips that keep the headband comfortably in place, whilst it tames hair and wicks away sweat whilst you're on the move.

From £10.18 ex. VAT

Buff Coolnet UV Wide Headband

The Buff Coolnet UV+ Wide Headband is ideal for all-year-round use and offers efficient forehead perspiration absorption during high-intensity summer activities, like running and trail running. It also offers ear protection against the cold while downhill and cross-country skiing.

From £10.18 ex. VAT

Buff CoolNet UV+ Baby

The Buff CoolNet® UV+ Baby is a seamless, multifunctional tube of recycled polyester that's soft, comfortable with very high UV protection(UPF 50+) that's perfect for protecting your baby from harmful sun radiation on both head, ears and neck. Light, breathable and comfortable, it will also help pull sweat away from your baby’s skin preventing irritation keeping your baby cool, comfortable and safe.

From £12.25 ex. VAT

Buff Coolnet UV+ Slim Headband

The Buff CoolNet® UV+ Headband Slim is a narrower version of the BUFF® Coolnet UV+ Headband for keeping your hair out of your face when on the trail. So it's breathable and comfortable and gives great sweat management. Using 95% recycled polyester microfibre and with UPF 50+ sun protection while delivering 4-way stretch and seamless design comfort for the perfect fit.

From £10.15 ex. VAT

Buff Cross Tech Balaclava

The Buff Cross Tech Balaclava is an advanced, seamless product that's been designed to provide comfort whilst protecting the face, head and neck from the cold and wind. It has high-stretch qualities and can be worn under a helmet, making it great for activities such as motorcycling, skiing and snowboarding. The Cross Tech Balaclava incorporates waterproof GoreTex Windstopper technology which completely blocks the passage of wind, minimising the wind’s chilling effect while reducing the risk of overheating when you are active.

From £32.79 ex. VAT

Buff CrossKnit Headband

The Buff CrossKnit Headband is perfect for those who need high-performance protection that can keep up with the demands of an active lifestyle. With a Polycolon® Schoeller sweat-repellent inner band to wick away moisture as you move, reflective logo for reassurance on night runs and a quick-drying, sporty upper that transitions seamlessly between training sessions and socialising. It’s all about balance.

From £15.28 ex. VAT

Buff Dryflx Buff

The Buff Dryflx is an ultralight and seamless tubular neckerchief that's been created for running and high intensity activities. Thanks to its 360º reflective design it is perfect to enjoy night or early morning outdoor action in the city with improved security. Extremely breathable and stretchable, it provides quick drying and extra warmth.

From £14.55 ex. VAT

Buff Dryflx Headband

This ultralight and seamless Buff Dryflx Solid Headband has been created for running and high intensity activities. Thanks to its 360º reflective design, this tech headband is perfect for night or early morning outdoor action in the city with improved security. Extremely breathable and stretchable, the Dryflx Headband provides extra warmth and is quick drying.

From £12.36 ex. VAT

Buff Dryflx Pro Headband

The Buff DryFlx+ Headband is extremely breathable and extra warmth for its weight and bulk. The 360º reflective design gives high visibility in low light conditions making it ideal for early morning runs in the city or for night runs in the winter, where it will keep your ears warm as well as wicking moisture away from your forehead.

From £20.06 ex. VAT

Buff Ecostretch Beanie

The Buff Ecostretch Beanie is a reversible, light and comfortable hat that's built for fresh weather conditions. The Ecostretch Beanie has been made with high-stretch recycled materials that also protect you against UV radiation. Ideal as a base layer for protection against the cold during outdoor activities like trail running, hiking, trekking, bouldering and climbing.

From £15.39 ex. VAT

Buff Fastwick Headband

The Buff Fastwick Headband is a top of the range headband designed with athletes and competition in mind. Fit for anyone looking for a top-tech headband, it is made of elastic Fastwick Extra fabric to ensure quick drying and maximum comfort while practicing high-intensity activities like running or trail running.

From £11.63 ex. VAT

Buff Heavyweight Merino Wool Neckwarmer

The Buff Heavyweight Merino Wool Neckwarmer is a warm and comfortable tubular Buff, made with 100% natural Merino wool. It will provide protection in extreme cold conditions and during low to medium intensity outdoor activities such as trekking, hiking and climbing. As always with Buff, it can be worn in multiple different ways including as an emergency hat or head-over. Merino wool naturally resist odours, keeping you fresh and comfortable whatever your adventure.

From £22.58 ex. VAT