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2QT Ltd Gary Gibson - Blood, Sweat and Smears


Gary Gibson has made the first ascents of over 4,750 rock climbing routes. This biography shares some of his memories and insights over his many climbing years! Gary Gibson has made the first ascents of over 4,750 rock climbing routes. Bedevilled by controversy, mostly of his own making, Gary has gone his own way and clashed with the climbing establishment of the day. Love him or loathe him, here Gary shares his thoughts and memories giving the reader a personal insight into this `controversial' man.

£25.00 ex. VAT £22.74 ex. VAT

Alpine Club 4000m Peaks of the Alps - Selected Climbs


A guidebook of over 230 alpine routes detailing all of the noteworthy routes in the area from beginner level to routes for seasoned alpinists. A Bible for alpine mountaineering. Paperback revised info on many routes and grades.

£25.00 ex. VAT £22.74 ex. VAT

Alpine Club Bernese Oberland including Salbitschijen: Selected Climbs


A comprehensive alpine climbing guide to the Bernese Oberland in Switzerland. A new edition of a popular guide to this well-known area of the Alps, including for the first time the very fine alpine rock climbing area of the Salbitschijen. The guide describes routes on over 100 peaks and passes in the region including routes on all the 4000m peaks as well as on other major peaks such as the Eiger, Beitschhorn and Wetterhorn as well as on many less well-known summits.

£19.50 ex. VAT £17.74 ex. VAT

Alpine Club Bernina and Bregaglia Selected Climbs


Alpine climbing guide to the Bregalia and Bernina areas of Switzerland - Including the Piz Badile.

£18.50 ex. VAT £16.83 ex. VAT

Alpine Club Ecrin Massif Cerces and Queyras Selected Climbs


This is a rock climbing guide to the Ecrin Massif peak in France, Europe. Lots of mountain, alpine and ice routes and biking/ walking routes.

£17.50 ex. VAT £15.92 ex. VAT

Alyn Books Ltd Walking in the Shropshire Hills


20 circular walks exploring the varied and unspoilt landscape of the Shropshire Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The walks vary from 2.5 to 10 miles in length. Some cross rolling farmland and leafy woodland, others are on the open moors, including magnificent ridge walks with panoramic views.

£11.99 ex. VAT £10.90 ex. VAT

Ape Index Boulder Britain - The Essential Guide To British Bouldering


Boulder Britain is a highly ambitious guidebook that sets out to cover all the best bouldering in England, Scotland and Wales. 2020 edition - due in shortly.

£34.95 ex. VAT £32.24 ex. VAT

Aurum Press Feet in the Clouds


The classic tale of fell-running and obsession, first published in 2004, recently reissued by Aurum with a new introduction by Robert Macfarlane and an epilogue from Richard Askwith. An exploration of one of Britain’s strangest and most exhilarating sports, it remains a cult hit with runners and non-runners alike.

£9.99 ex. VAT £9.08 ex. VAT

Aurum Press Offa's Dyke Path


The Aurum Press Offa's Dyke Path book is a national trail guide that follows the course of the 177 mile trail and the earthwork that gives it its name. Now fully updated, this version features the northern section of the path, following Natural England's acorn waymarks from Knighton to the coast at Prestatyn, a distance of 97 miles (155 km). This is the complete, official guide for the long-distance walker or the weekend stroller. All you need is this one book.

£15.99 ex. VAT £14.54 ex. VAT

Autoedicion / Roberto Palmer Albarracin Bouldering


A new, comprehensive edition to the extensive bouldering in Albarracin. As before, all the approaches, areas and bouldering problems have been examined and revised by the author over several years. New lines have been added, including several lines that have never been documented in previous guidebooks.

£47.50 ex. VAT £46.20 ex. VAT

Bartvan Raaij 5 + 6 Fontainebleau Part 1 - 4862 Straight ups in Central Fontainebleau


This Fontainebleau bouldering guide has the same set up as the well known 7 + 8 and gives a complete and clear overview of the medium to difficult boulder problems of Fontainebleau.

£34.95 ex. VAT £32.89 ex. VAT

Bartvan Raaij 5 + 6 Greater Fontainebleau - 5286 Straight Ups in Greater Fontainebleau


Bartvan Raaij 5 + 6 Greater Fontainebleau - 5286 Straight Ups in Greater Fontainebleau is a climbing guide book in the greater Fontainebleau area.

£34.95 ex. VAT £32.89 ex. VAT

Bartvan Raaij 7 + 8 Fontainebleau - 3748 Straight Ups in Fontainebleau


A brilliant guide to the bouldering mecca in this french forest. Harder problems for the beasts!

£34.95 ex. VAT £32.89 ex. VAT

Baton Wicks Publications Fontainebleau Climbs: The Finest Bouldering and Circuits


Bouldering guide to the beautiful forest of fontainebleau. Provides information, maps and blocs in the area. A new guide for a new way of climbing. Which areas? Which circuits? Which boulders? What grade? OK for Children? When it's hot? After rain? Where to stay? This user friendly guide has all the answers.

£19.95 ex. VAT £18.15 ex. VAT

Baton Wicks Publications Mont Blanc Massif 100 Finest Routes


The ultimate Mont Blanc Massif tick list! This new edition of this ever popular book reflects the changes in equipment, developments in grading and new problems created by glacial retreat (hastened by global warming). The 100 routes featured are still regarded as bench marks against which any aspiring alpinist can test themselves - a fantastic testament to its author and proof of its enduring relevance.

£30.00 ex. VAT £27.29 ex. VAT

BigR Publishing (Andes) The Andes A Guide For Climbers


BigR Publishing (Andes) The Andes A Guide For Climbers is a guide for Climbers' is the only comprehensive guidebook to the peaks of the Andes.

£19.95 ex. VAT £18.15 ex. VAT