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Sale Selected Oakley glasses on special offer now at Up and Under.

Oakley Choose from models including: Alinghi Scalpel, Endure Edge, Endure Pace, Fives, Fives Squared, Juliet, Monster Dog, Scalpel, Split Jacket, Split Thump, Ten, Transition Flak Jacket, Water Jacket and Whisker.

This section includes sunglasses, ski goggles and cases for them. Most of the glasses and goggles featured are from Julbo and OakleyJulbo provide us with a range for adults and children, in several different styles and tint categories. For Alpine use, we recommend a pair with good side protection to guard against glare from the snow.

It is worth remembering that prescription lenses can be made and fitted to to suit a number of these glasses. Contact us for more info and pricing.

To help stop you losing your sunglasses you can choose from our range of retainers; we have ones for hanging glasses round your neck Larry Grayson style, some for keeping them tight to your head whilst jogging or skiing. In the Canoeing Clothing section, you can find some neoprene spec. retainers for keeping your glasses on whilst you're in your playboat.

Protect your glasses with one of cases from Life Venture and Lowe Alpine.

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Julbo Alpha

From £80.10 inc. VAT

Julbo Bands

From £4.08 inc. VAT

Julbo Breeze


These sunglasses are designed to fit women's faces and are a perfect choice for any woman looking for a pair of glasses that are tough enough for longer journeys, without losing any comfort...Weight: 34g Panoramic 360° adjustable temples Grip Tech Full Venting 3D Fit Nose Optical clip Asian Fit RX Trem Women's vision RX Clip 360° adjustable temples

£75.00 inc. VAT £66.00 inc. VAT

Julbo Elevate

From £65.50 inc. VAT

Julbo Explorer Hook


Julbo Explorer Hook | Neoprene Retainer Bands | Eyewear Accessory- Outdoor, Watersports

£6.50 inc. VAT £5.68 inc. VAT

Julbo Floating Glasses Retainer


£6.50 inc. VAT £5.68 inc. VAT

Julbo Ison

From £44.50 inc. VAT

Julbo Ison XCL

From £62.30 inc. VAT

Julbo Jupiter OTG

From £57.85 inc. VAT

Julbo Plasma

From £31.15 inc. VAT

Julbo Renegade

From £65.50 inc. VAT

Julbo Stoppers

From £5.75 inc. VAT

Julbo Stream

From £69.88 inc. VAT

Julbo Whoops

From £43.67 inc. VAT

Lifeventure Sunglasses Case


Offers Hard Protection for your glasses to ensure they don't get damaged. The perfect Travel Accessory for sunny holidays and beachesWill fit most styles of popular sunglasses

£13.00 inc. VAT £11.39 inc. VAT

Oakley Apparition

From £122.47 inc. VAT