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Hand Torches

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Fenix LD22


The popular Fenix LD22 torch has been upgraded! Featuring an upgraded Cree XP-G2 R5 LED, the LD22 has a much brighter output of 300 lumens and a maximum beam distance of 120 meters. Powered by two AA batteries (Ni-MH, Alkaline or Non-rechargeable Lithium), the LD22 2015 features four brightness levels plus a strobe & SOS mode.

£58.29 ex. VAT £54.01 ex. VAT

LED Lenser K4R

The Ledlenser K4R is an ultra-compact yet powerful light delivering up to 120 lumens that can be quickly and easily recharged via the simple fold out USB-A connector.

From £14.82 ex. VAT

LED Lenser K6R

The Ledlenser K6R is a more powerful ultra-compact keychain light than the K4R, delivering up to 400 lumens that is quickly and easily rechargeable via the simple fold out USB-A interface.

From £20.74 ex. VAT

LED Lenser K6R Safety

The Ledlenser K6R Safety is an ultra-compact yet powerful keychain light with up to 400 lumens that also includes a shrill alarm for emergency situations. It can be quickly and easily recharged via the simple fold out USB-A interface.

From £20.74 ex. VAT

LED Lenser Universal Mount


The LED Lenser Universal Mount is a practical bracket that is suitable for all flashlights with a handle diameter of 18mm. By toothed connection between the lower and upper part of the holder to install the lamp longitudinally or transversely to the mounting object. The lamp can be used and removed quickly by a rubber flap.

£9.13 ex. VAT £7.73 ex. VAT

Maglite Solitaire AAA Bulb


Maglite Solitaire AAA Replacement Bulbs.

£5.83 ex. VAT £5.14 ex. VAT

Nebo Big Larry 2

The Nebo Big Larry 2 outputs 500 lumens with the C.O.B work light and 200 lumens from the top flashlight. The red C.O.B light is perfect for distress signalling or roadside emergencies. The steel clip and magnetic base provide convenient hands-free lighting options.

From £12.75 ex. VAT

Nebo Columbo 100


The Nebo Columbo™ 100 from NEBO features a 100 lumen LED, 3 light modes, 4x adjustable zoom, Easy Touch Technology, strong steel clip, and a waterproof (IP67) anodised aircraft-grade aluminium body. The included AAA alkaline batteries allow for up to 4.5 hours of operation.

£9.16 ex. VAT £8.24 ex. VAT

Nebo Davinci 1000


The Nebo Davinci 1000 is a powerful and rechargeable flashlight with 4 light modes (up to 1000 lumens). The included mode selection dial makes it easy to switch between modes and the powerful LED in this flashlight can light up 299 meters. The included battery allows for up to 20 hours of operation in between charges.

£33.33 ex. VAT £30.05 ex. VAT

Nebo Lil Larry

Powered by just 3 AAA batteries, the Nebo Lil Larry packs an impressive punch for it's size. Using it's new C.O.B LED technology it delivers 250 lumens, enough to light up a 25m beam, for up to 3 hours. It also features a low power mode which delivers 95 lumens, enough to light up a 16m beam, for up to 10 hours. And a red flash mode for use in emergencies which will run for up to 10 hours.

From £9.76 ex. VAT

Nebo Mycro 400


The Nebo Mycro 400 is a rechargeable, hands-free, 400 lumen lighting solution. The integrated tilt feature allows you to position the beam exactly where you want it. Mycro Headlamp features dual green and red LED chips, with a direct-to-red feature for stealth viewing.

£16.66 ex. VAT £15.01 ex. VAT

Nebo Newton 500


The Nebo Newton 500 is a powerful handheld flashlighT, with a choice of four light modes and powered by 3x AAA batteries. With its powerful LED, this Newton 500 Flashlight can output up to 500 lumens lighting up to 46 meters.

£16.66 ex. VAT £15.01 ex. VAT
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