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Big Walls

This section also houses aid climbing gear like:

Black Diamondbandoliers, pins, pitons, pegs, hooks, hammers, gloves, haulbags and portaledges and flysheets.

Metolius - aiders, daisies and haulbags.

Moses Enterprises (which we import from the U.S.) - rivet hangers, hooks and leepers.

Petzl - sky hooks, etriers, fifi hooks and swivels.

Wild Country daisy chains.

Yates - etriers, copper heads, aluminium heads, circle heads, rivet hangers, daisy chains and bandoliers.

Petzl also supply us with a range of etriers which can also be found under Pegs and Aid in our Professional section (as they are used far more frequently in Industrial Access). These are reinforced webbing etriers for compactness and are ideal for aiding your way up El Cap.

Pegs are still in common use for expedition purposes, and snowed up winter rock routes (both Scottish and Alpine). When this is combined with the rapid development locally of South Wales Sandstone (which takes well to pegs for insitu gear) we find that a wide range of pegs is indispensible to the shop.

We have a range of pegs from Black Diamond in a wide variety of widths and styles, we can get hold of soft pegs if you are planning on equipping a route in the Dolomites.

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Black Diamond Angle Pitons

From £9.85 ex. VAT

Black Diamond Bosun's Chair


Perfect for 7 hour belays, but be warned! One of our staff fell asleep in his.

£54.17 ex. VAT £49.22 ex. VAT

Black Diamond Bugaboo Pitons

From £10.60 ex. VAT

Black Diamond Cliff Cabana Double Portaledge


Seen on the big walls of Yosemite, Patagonia and Baffin Island and based on the original A5 portaledge designs by John Middendorf this ledge is a seriously proven piece of equipment. Weighs 9 kg Dimensions: 213 x 130 cm Frame: Double-butted 6061 T-6 45 mm machined and anodized aluminum alloy Ledge: Double ripstop 420d packcloth with double ripstop 210d nylon ballistic reinforcements Precision engineered for strength, durability, ease of setup and adjustment 4 pull straps tighten the floor 6-point buckle system gives easy leveling

£500.00 ex. VAT £454.32 ex. VAT

Black Diamond Cliffhanger


The classic skyhook for small to medium flakes and edges.

£10.83 ex. VAT £9.85 ex. VAT

Black Diamond Deluxe Cliff Cabana Double Fly


The only answer if you are big walling in extreme conditions. Unlike any other fly on the market the Deluxe Fly is completely sealed.Weighs 3.9kg 210d micro ripstop Taped seams and reinforcements on wall side Sewn-in windows Labeled RF welded clip-in point Poles easily slide into the built-in guides for speedy set up Awning with a moldable copper wire in the brim provides maximum ventilation

£383.33 ex. VAT £348.32 ex. VAT

Black Diamond Deluxe Single Fly


Flysheet for Cliff Cabana portaledge A single Black Diamond ledge flysheet, with the excellent features of the Deluxe Cliff Cabana Fly.

£308.33 ex. VAT £280.17 ex. VAT

Black Diamond Grappling Hook


A monster sky hook for larger flakes.

£12.50 ex. VAT £11.36 ex. VAT

Black Diamond Lost Arrow Piton

From £15.14 ex. VAT

Black Diamond Padded Gear Sling


Black Diamonds bandolier comes with a well padded adjustable shoulder strap and a 9kN rating. Nut key and carabiner not included.

£15.00 ex. VAT £13.63 ex. VAT

Black Diamond Pecker Pitons

From £15.14 ex. VAT

Black Diamond Rope Bucket


A hanging rope bag designed for big walling but equally handy on sea cliffs.

£29.17 ex. VAT £26.50 ex. VAT

Black Diamond RURP


Realised Ultimate Reality Piton. Sounds a bit over the top? Maybe not- these are one of the coolest pieces of aid gear ever devised, and their advent opened up routes once thought impossible. If you need one, you know how good they are!

£15.83 ex. VAT £14.39 ex. VAT

Black Diamond Stone

From £26.17 ex. VAT

Black Diamond Stubby Haulbag


At 35L, this is a good choice if you are going to attempt a big wall in a single day and just need to carry water and food, or it can be used as a second bag alongside a bigger one. Tough vinyl-laminated nylon fabric Tuck-away straps and removable padded hipbelt Zippered pocket and double-walled skirt Volume : 35 L Weight : 1.81 kg Dimensions : 27 x 33 x 66 cm

£100.00 ex. VAT £90.86 ex. VAT