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Running Insulation

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OMM Ltd Core Hoodie

The OMM Ltd Core Hoodie redefines active insulation with PrimaLoft® ACTIVE ultra-light fabric. It offers fleece-like warmth at less than half the weight, and when worn with a shell, it's a highly efficient insulator. Its outstanding air permeability means even a gentle breeze can dissipate excess heat, allowing you to keep it on after warming up and adjust your temperature by removing the shell. This versatile piece excels from valley to summit and effectively wicks moisture, ensuring you stay dry in both wet and dry conditions.

From £70.54 ex. VAT

OMM Ltd Rotor Foot Pod


The OMM Ltd Rotor Foot Pod features 60g/m2 PrimaLoft® Cross-Core Gold insulation, which adds warmth to your lightweight camping gear. It integrates smoothly with the Rotor Pant, creating a vital component of the Rotor Sleep System, perfect for unpredictable conditions. With its PointZero shell, it provides top-notch wind and water resistance, while the PrimaLoft® Cross-Core Gold insulation stays effective even when damp.

£37.50 ex. VAT £33.41 ex. VAT

OMM Ltd Rotor Hood Jacket

The OMM Ltd Rotor Hood Jacket combines the cosy PrimaLoft® Gold in its body with the more streamlined performance of PrimaLoft® ACTIVE fabric insulation in its sleeves and key areas. It serves as an excellent choice for boosting warmth at camp or as a dynamic layer during freezing runs, making it a valuable addition to your gear. Its lightweight materials and design ensure a compact pack size and minimal weight when not in use.

From £148.50 ex. VAT

OMM Ltd Rotor Pants

The OMM Ltd Rotor Pants are a versatile choice for various outdoor scenarios, offering both insulation and breathability. Whether you're planning a minimalist summer camp or looking to enhance your winter sleep setup, this pant has you covered. Crafted by merging the windproof PointZero shell with 125g/m2 PrimaLoft® ACTIVE, the Rotor Pant becomes the perfect companion for chilly and damp environments.

From £111.37 ex. VAT

Odlo Active Originals X-Warm Top Crew Neck L/S Women's

The Odlo Active Originals X-Warm Top Crew Neck L/S Women's is an extremely stretchy long sleeved base-layer, and is fantastic at wicking whilst keeping you warm in cold weather. It features integrated panels which helps with moisture transport in key areas of the body and a very soft 3D knit material makes for a comfortable yet precise fit, close to the body. Flat-locked stitching and seam ends better the comfort and take away that itching feeling, letting you get on with the task in hand.

From £31.24 ex. VAT

Odlo Men's ACTIVE X-WARM ECO Half-Zip Turtleneck Baselayer Top

Reducing reliance on producing new polyester, ODLO’s innovative ODLO’s ACTIVE X-WARM ECO Zip Turtleneck base layer top for men is crafted entirely from recycled fibres – lowering its carbon footprint without making sacrifices on technical features. Designed to endure the elements, this piece is ideal for a wide range of winter pursuits thanks to its warm, lightweight and comfortable properties.

From £48.26 ex. VAT

Odlo Men's ACTIVE X-WARM ECO Long-Sleeve Baselayer Top

ODLO’s ACTIVE X-WARM ECO Long-Sleeve base layer top for men is a superb multifunctional base layer that you can’t do without this winter. The ACTIVE X-WARM range has been designed to provide advanced insulation when temperatures plummet, using soft pads to give additional warmth where you need it most, while excellent moisture management properties guarantee you stay warm and dry at all times.

From £44.55 ex. VAT

Odlo Women's ACTIVE X-WARM ECO Half-Zip Turtleneck Baselayer Top

A sustainable approach to thermal layering options, this women’s ACTIVE X-WARM ECO Zip Turtleneck base layer top minimises its environmental impact with losing focus on performance. Crafted from 100 percent recycled fibres, this essential base layer is designed to protect you in the world’s most extreme conditions – keeping the warmth where it should be whilst creating a barrier against the elements.

From £48.26 ex. VAT