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Petromax Cooking Tripod


The Petromax Cooking Tripod has been to make outdoor cooking easy. The tripod is sturdy and a dutch oven or kettle can be safely hung on the hook above a fire. The chain is variable so you can alter the distance between your oven and the fire with ease. The chamfered feet ensure that the Tripod stands safely on all kinds of surfaces. Each leg is continuously height adjustable to keep the Tripod evenly balanced in case of uneven ground.

£66.63 ex. VAT £59.37 ex. VAT

Petromax Tripod Lashing

The Petromax Tripod Lashing contains the basic frame to make your own tripod, it easily fits in your backpack so you can always have your tripod with you. To build a tripod you lead three fitting or adjusted branches through the openings of the stainless-steel disc and lock them by twisting slightly. Based on this principle a tripod cooking place is self-built in no time, underneath which a crackling wood fire can be lit for cooking under the open sky.

From £19.27 ex. VAT

Robens Bushcraft DIY Tripod


The Robens Bushcraft DIY Tripod DIY Bonfire stand is perfect for use on trekking trips and in the camp. It is super easy to carry thanks to the practical included bag for transport and storage. The fire rack has been developed with a compact adapter that has three connectors, which you can easily adjust the height of during cooking by adjusting the length of the chain. The legs themselves are just sticks that you will find in the area.

£11.66 ex. VAT £10.29 ex. VAT

Robens Telescopic Aluminium Tripod


The Robens Telescopic Aluminum Tripod is designed to safely and securely hold your cooking pots over a campfire. The telescopic design means you can adjust the height of the pot for temperature control and the folding design and carry bag means easy carriage.

£58.33 ex. VAT £53.85 ex. VAT