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Canoe Polo Zone Clear Vis Faceguard


The Canoe Polo Zone Clear Vis face-guard stands out as a top choice among canoe polo face guards. It's meticulously designed to provide optimal visibility and can be easily attached to most kayaking helmets. Secured with three nuts and bolts (included), this face-guard features a plastic-coated metal construction and a stylish black finish.

£27.50 ex. VAT £26.75 ex. VAT

Spreu Boote Bumper Helmet Cradle


£8.29 ex. VAT £7.30 ex. VAT

Sweet EarPads

Sweet EarPads are a set of replacement ear pads for your Sweet Rocker... a must for winter paddling these will keep your ears warm and also help stop water being forced into them.

From £23.93 ex. VAT

Sweet Visor

From £13.44 ex. VAT
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