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Mechanical Advantage Systems

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Petzl Jag System

The Petzl Jag System is an enclosed 4:1 progress capture pulley system that can be used for hauling, tensioning a system, pickoffs, making a releasable anchor, or evacuating a victim when paired with an I'D Descender. The Jag and Jag Traxion that create the system utilise sealed ball bearings to increase efficiency up to 91%, which with the 4:1 mechanical advantage, enable easier work to be done by the user.

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ISC HaulerBiner Compact Rescue System


The ISC HaulerBiner Compact Rescue System is a lightweight, compact and simple to use/deploy device. The HaulerBiner is fully rated for lifting people. It has three pulley wheels incorporated into each Karabiner, creating a compact and lightweight 6:1 or 7:1 (theoretical) Mechanical Advantage system. The HaulerBiner also has a purpose-designed progress capture cam with, an ‘on/off’ position. The HaulerBiner utilises purpose-developed 6mm (1/4") rope, for strength and easy handling/best grip. The kit is supplied in a two-pouch bag, for easy deployment.

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