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Black Diamond Angle Pitons

The Black Diamond Angle Pitons are made to fit larger cracks, pockets and pods. Their design, coupled with the springiness of the steel used gives these pitons inherently high holding power.

From £11.36 ex. VAT

Black Diamond Bugaboo Pitons

The Black Diamond Bugaboo Pitons are the bigger and stronger brother to the knife blades, for when the cracks get fractionally bigger.

From £12.87 ex. VAT

Black Diamond Knifeblade Pitons

The Black Diamond Knifeblade Pitons are classic pitons for thinner cracks, these have precision ground blades so that a consistent taper is achieved. There are two clip-in holes for corner placements and to save a little weight.

From £12.12 ex. VAT

Black Diamond Lost Arrow Piton

The Black Diamond Lost Arrow Pitons are for use in thin to medium cracks and tough enough to withstand many uses. Numbered for quick identification from 1 to 8. Four lengths are available (short, long, wedge and dong) and five thickness (thin, medium, thick, wedge and dong). Andy finds number 2 and 3 very useful for Scottish winter climbing.

From £16.66 ex. VAT

Black Diamond Pecker Pitons

The Black Diamond Pecker Pitons are designed to be used where knife blade pitons won’t fit or where the placement is more feeble. Due to the design of the peg the force is pulled downwards meaning that the pecker has to be pulled right through the crack for it to fail. Absolutely essential for big wall climbing and aid climbing.

From £18.93 ex. VAT

Black Diamond RURP


The Black Diamond RURP is a realised Ultimate Reality Piton. Sounds a bit over the top? Maybe not- these are one of the coolest pieces of aid gear ever devised, and their advent opened up routes once thought impossible. If you need one, you know how good they are!

£16.67 ex. VAT £14.89 ex. VAT

Moses Enterprises Tomahawk


The Moses Enterprises Tomahawk is a hooking piton for use in thin seams.  It is designed primarily as a thin nailing piece, requiring the use of a hammer, but can also be hand-placed into “beak slots” or natural constrictions in thin cracks.  The design enables easier and quicker cleaning, to prevent the piece from becoming fixed.

£13.74 ex. VAT