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If you're still prone to taking a little dip when you capsize (obviously not because you can't roll! You just like to swim, right!?), then take a look at our range of Palm Longjohn Wetsuits. The longjohn wetsuit is a paddling specific option, and as well as being extra toasty its sleeveless construction leaves you free to move. So whether you're swimming for that eddy, or decide to give that roll a whirl, then this suit has the mobility in the shoulders to allow you to do it. "But won't my arms get cold?!" we hear you scream. The answer is no, in the summer you'll be warm enough to wear the suit beneath a cag, and in the winter try combining it with one of our many canoeing thermals or rash vests, happy days!

Don't fancy a full suit? Then we have an excellent range of neoprene alternatives. Take a look at the Nookie's 3-4 Neo Strides, Palm's All Round Neoprene Shorts and the super-comfy neoprene-lined Immersion Research Guide Shorts for men and women. In the top department, Peak offer an excellent Neoprene Top which is great when worn by itself on warmer days.

If your head gets a bit cold in the winter, if you suffer with earache, or even if your helmet's a touch too big then a Skullcap might be a good option. For some foot protection, and advice to boot (excuse the pun!), have a look at our range of paddling shoes and neoprene socks in the paddling footwear section. If you want a more substantial wetsuit for watersports other than paddling then have a glance at the Watersports section. We've got a range of short and full-sleeved wetsuits, ideal for bodyboarding and surfing. We also stock a range of neoprene gloves (paddle mits are here), hoods, and neoprene beach shoes.

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Warmbac Speleo III

From £105.70 inc. VAT

Warmbac The Cavers Neo-Fleece

From £102.40 inc. VAT

Warmbac The Cavers Wetsuit

From £159.80 inc. VAT

Warmbac The Speleo-Pro

From £209.66 inc. VAT