Established in 1977
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Warmbac Speleo III

The Warmbac Speleo III is suitable for occasionally very aqueous trips, and the more ‘athletic’ stream caves, particularly if swimming is expected and extra buoyancy is helpful.

From £115.75 ex. VAT

Warmbac The Cavers Neo-Fleece

The Warmbac The Cavers Neo-Fleece is a unique design pionered by Warmbac. The Neo-fleece is a combination of Wetsuit and Fleece undersuit featuring 3mm double lined neoprene body with fleece arms and legs.

From £110.50 ex. VAT

Warmbac The Cavers Wetsuit

The Warmbac The Cavers Wetsuit is a one piece suit in 4.5mm medium compound double lined neoprene. The hip and small of the back areas have been single lined, as well as the back of the arms for an extra bit of grip. All seams are glued a 6 thread mauser stitched, whilst the heavy duty nylon zip in enclosed for protection. The Caver wetsuit is great choice for use is wet caves and potholes.

From £171.00 ex. VAT

Warmbac The Speleo-Pro

The Warmbac The Speleo-Pro is an excellent wetsuit for very wet and cold cave conditions. Due to the heavy duty nature of these wetsuits they would also work in any wet cold environment where prolonged exposure is likely.

From £195.04 ex. VAT