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Paddle Clamps

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Kajak Sport Self Rescue Clamps


The Kayak Sport Self Rescue Clamps set a new standard for solo paddler safety. This pair of paddle grips can be effortlessly added to most kayaks. In the event of a capsize, these clamps allow you to flip your kayak back over and secure your paddle in place. With the addition of a paddle float to the blade, you can create a secure and stable platform to facilitate your re-entry into the kayak.

£41.66 ex. VAT £38.68 ex. VAT

Kajak Sport Self Rescue Grips


The Kajak Sport Self Rescue Grips offer a straightforward and effortless retrofit for any kayak, whether it's made of glass or plastic. Once installed, these grips provide a secure hold on your paddle in the event of a capsize, allowing solo kayakers to safely and easily re-enter their boat. This safety kit is a valuable addition for those paddling solo.

£36.66 ex. VAT £35.06 ex. VAT

Whetman Equipment Sea Kayak Paddle Cuffs

The Whetman Equipment Sea Kayak Paddle Cuffs will keep spare paddle shafts secure on the bow on your sea kayak. The cuffs reinforced with 4 layers on webbing and are held in place by velcro wraps which makes them very easy to install.

From £18.59 ex. VAT