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Black Diamond Hotwire Quickpack


The Black Diamond HotWire Quickpack features six of their hot-forged 12 cm HotWire draws, which give full wiregate performance with a no-frills construction at a value. Two wiregate HotWire biners, with the bottom coloured for a visual climbing target, and the durable 18 mm polyester dog bone features our Straitjacket insert that keeps the bottom biner in the optimal clipping position.

£70.00 inc. VAT £64.86 inc. VAT

DMM Chimera Quickdraw

From £23.86 inc. VAT

DMM Phantom Alpine Quickdraw


The DMM Phantom Alpine Quickdraw 60cm is an excellent, high performance trad onsight quickdraw, with two lightweight Phantom wiregates.

£22.99 inc. VAT £21.11 inc. VAT

DMM Phantom Quickdraw

From £13.99 inc. VAT

DMM Phantom Quickdraw - 6 Pack

From £96.38 inc. VAT

DMM Spectre Quickdraw

From £14.68 inc. VAT

DMM Spectre Quickdraw - 6 Pack

From £85.37 inc. VAT

Edelrid Mission Set

The Edelrid Mission Set is an extremely light quickdraw set for alpine tours or trad climbing, available in 14 cm with a 15/22 mm quickdraw sling made from HMPE with anti-twist.

From £22.88 inc. VAT

OCUN Kestrel QD Dyn 8

The Ocun Kestrel QD DYN 8mm Quickdraw is a great alpine quickdraw, constructed of two light-weight Kestrel carabiners with wire gates and an 8mm light Dyneema webbing. The Kestrel carabiners are Ocun's lightweight carabiners that offer fantastic strength and versatility. The wire gate eliminates gate flutter.

From £20.36 inc. VAT

OCUN Kestrel ST-Sling Set DYN 12

The Kestrel ST-Sling Dyn 12 Quickdraw from Ocun is a super-light draw with two-wire gates and the variable Dyneema® Single Tech sling. The Single Tech sling makes it particularly easy to extend and shorten the express set because unlike conventional long webbing slings, the sling has one sewn loop per carabiner and runs between them with only one 12 mm wide strand. This means that it can be folded invariably, depending on the line of the route - particularly important for alpine routes or trad climbs.

From £22.21 inc. VAT