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Palm Tri Wing Nut

The Palm Tri Wing nuts are supplied in pairs. They are ideal for M8 size nuts. These are particularly well suited to UK manufactured Dagger Kayaks. A loose footrest can be very annoying but more importantly it can be dangerous. It is always well worth keeping a few of these as spares in your kayak safety kit.

From £7.45 ex. VAT

Pyranha Brass Centred Wheelnut

The Pyranha Brass-Centered Wheel Nuts are a crucial component for securing your footrest properly. A loose footrest can pose unnecessary risks. These kayak footrest bolts come in two size options: 6mm, which is compatible with most boats from 2009 to the present, and 8mm, designed for boats manufactured before 2009. These nuts are sold individually. It's advisable to keep some spares in your safety kit, especially for extended multi-day paddling trips.

From £2.26 ex. VAT

Pyranha Full Plate Footrest

The Pyranha Full Plate Footrest is tailored to fit certain kayak models. While it may not always be readily available in stock, we can certainly place an order for you. This footrest is designed to provide comprehensive foot support by accommodating your entire foot rather than just a portion of it. Typically, it consists of two extended alloy bars connected to a plastic pod, often complemented with a foam layer for enhanced comfort and cushioning.

From £49.93 ex. VAT

Pyranha Full Plate Footrest Fixing Kit


The Pyranha Full Plate Footrests Fixing Kit contains the 4 x nuts, washers, bolts and all the other little bits that you need. This packet of kayak footrest bolts is an easy and cost effective way to spruce up your kayak, to bring it back to its former glory. It’s easy to use and contains all you need.

£7.92 ex. VAT £7.44 ex. VAT

Pyranha Full Plate Footrest Side Bars

The Pyranha Full Plate Footrest Side Bars are the aluminum bars that link the Full Plate Footrest to the kayak's bolts. These bars come with multiple holes to allow for adjustable footrest positioning.

From £18.39 ex. VAT