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Nut Keys

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DMM Nutbuster

From £11.93 inc. VAT

Metolius Feather Nut Tool


Made from strong and hardwearing aluminium this nut tool has a tapered head to remove the smallest of micro wires. The handle has a built in snap gate for racking and a larger surface area to push on with you palm. The real talking point of this nut tool is the weight. At only 21 grams this is the lightest nut tool we can find making it ideal for alpine rock routes or big walling where every gram counts.

£20.00 inc. VAT £18.13 inc. VAT

Wild Country Pro Key with Leash


The Pro-key comes with a precision ground tip which allows access to even the smallest slots and a wire gate at the top which allows it to clip directly to the harness. A one piece 'folded top' gives a bigger surface area to allow a firmer, and less painful, push with the palm. Large central holes help keep the weight down.

£17.90 inc. VAT £16.06 inc. VAT