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Scupper Bungs

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Ocean Kayak Scupper Stoppers


The Ocean Kayak Scupper stoppers are sold individually and come in four different sizes. Ideal for blocking scupper drain holes, these bungs provide the flexibility to keep dry while paddling on calm waters like lakes or rivers.

£6.10 inc. VAT £3.49 inc. VAT

Palm Scupper Hole Plug Kit


The Palm Scupper Hole Plug Kit includes six plugs designed to fit Wilderness Systems Kayaks, like the Tarpon 100 and Tarpon 120. Each plug is equipped with a short rope lanyard for secure attachment to the kayak, preventing accidental drops. These rubber plugs are easily inserted into the scupper drains.

£14.00 inc. VAT £12.53 inc. VAT

Pyranha Self Draining Scupper Plugs


£14.50 inc. VAT £13.76 inc. VAT

RTM Automatic Water Stoppers

The RTM Automatic Water Stoppers are intelligent, innovative and practical, the self-draining plug allows the water in the cockpit of the sit-on-top to drain while preventing water from rising through the drain wells.

From £20.59 inc. VAT

Ruk Sport Scupper Stoppers

Ruk Sport Scupper Stoppers for sit on top kayaks from RUK Sport, available in three different sizes.

From £7.12 inc. VAT

Tootega Scupper Stoppers

The Tootega scupper bungs are ideal for sealing up the scupper drain holes in your Tootega kayak. They are sold in pairs and are available in two different sizes. Each plug features a one way release valve and a small cord.

From £14.76 inc. VAT