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Shear Reduction

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ISC Fixed Wheel Single Prussik Pulley


The ISC Fixed Wheel Single Prussik Pulley is a medium single prussik pulley with a fixed wheel in stainless steel. Can be used as a shear reduction pulley – Now CE Approved.

£74.99 ex. VAT

ISC Long Prussik Pulley with Fixed Wheel


The RP029 ISC Long Prussik Pulley with Fixed Wheel is the first and only CE Approved Stainless Steel Shear Reduction Block! The RP029 Shear Reduction Pulley is made from Stainless Steel and fitted with a top bollard attachment point. The wheel of this pulley does not rotate, giving maximum friction. 

£74.99 ex. VAT

Lyon Frixion SRB


The Lyon Frixion SRB is a heavy-duty shear reduction block which offers greater friction than a conventional pulley, reducing the risk of uncontrolled descents. It is ideal for use in high ropes courses, climbing walls and for top rope belaying.

£104.46 ex. VAT £93.69 ex. VAT

Singing Rock Redblock


The Singing Rock Redblock is a fixed sheave shear reduction device.  It is suitable for top rope belaying with textile EN892 / EN1891 rope up to 12mm diameter. The unit has a stainless steel fixed sheave (60mm diameter) and pins + anodised aluminium alloy fixed side cheeks. This unit is suitable for top roping techniques in many applications including those found at climbing walls & adventure parks.

£49.96 ex. VAT £44.50 ex. VAT